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Machine Learning Process Summarized in Two Pictures

These pictures were posted on Quora by Oleg Sergeykin, former Structural Analysis Engineer at Boeing. His philosophy is that Data science is actually an iterative processes. It is never possible to complete a DS project in a single pass. A data scientist constantly tries new ideas and changes steps of his pipeline.


I think some data scientists use a different approach, having algorithms taking care of themselves, with all these mundane tasks being automated. As Vincent Granville once wrote: 

I have automated my mundane data science tasks long ago. I had managers very happy with me, despite me doing very little work, because all their important reports and help with decision making came to their Inbox automatically, without me doing anything other then writing and maintaining scripts that access, process, and summarize data automatically. This was 20 years ago, and I published all the automation tools that I created.

Anyway, interesting pictures, especially for the beginner data scientist. 


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