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Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI Terminology for the Layman

Here is one of the most viral videos about data science posted in the last few months, with over 500,000 views. I could not locate the original copy; I found it in a re-tweet by Kirk Borne. See link to the video below the picture. However, I was able to find who created it (Welcome.ai) and it turns out that they have a YouTube channel with plenty of even more interesting videos. To search these videos by keyword, click here. The search results below is a selection for the keyword Machine Learning.

  • DataRobot – Automated Machine Learning Platform
  • What is Machine Learning? – Google AI
  • Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2019
  • MIT’s New $1 Billion Artificial Intelligence College
  • What is Machine Learning, and preventing Human Bias
  • Jeff Bezos – Golden Age of Artificial Intelligence
  • NVIDIA – Deep Learning Demystified
  • Elements of AI – Free Artificial Intelligence course for beginners
  • Facebook’s Head of AI Research, Yann Lecun, Explains AI
  • Andrew Ng – AI For Everyone course
  • Real-time code generation using computer vision

More videos available here. For DSC videos, follow this link


To watch this viral video (about ML / AI terminology), click here

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