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A data scientist shares his passions

\We asked our staff data scientist what motivates him, and here’s what he said:

My passions:

  1. Data Science research but not in an academic or corporate environment.
  2. Developing new, synthetic metrics (to measure yield or for data reduction), and robust, simple, scalable techniques to handle big, unstructured, messy, flowing data — avoiding the curse of big data.
  3. Offering awards to winners in our competitions.
  4. Delivering state-of-the-art, business-oriented knowledge, as open-source intellectual property, for free.
  5. Unifying all analytic fields (currently acting as independent silos): machine learning, business analytics, predictive modeling, data mining, operations research, quant, computer science, econometrics, statistics, and so on.
  6. Developing solid automated data science solutions for the non-expert, or for black-box computations and predictions.
  7. Growth hacking. Developing the largest, most useful, and most successful community, for analytic practitioners, with strong, diversified revenue streams and viral growth (powered by computational marketing), using a lean start-up approach (involving massive vendor outsourcing and self-funding).
  8. Delivering true data science training (and certification with our partners) using a new paradigm: free apprenticeship, 6-month long, online, for self-learners. Our current intern (nuclear physicist, post-doc from Columbia University and EPFL – Lausanne, Switzerland) is one of our former candidates. Emphasis is on stuff that you can’t learn in traditional (often outdated) university curricula.
  9. Debunking myths about the lack of analytic talent, being evangelist and the voice of data science, promoting horizontal over vertical knowledge, and warning about fake data science and other would-be data scientists.
  10. Defining data science, big data, and helping companies identify real talent.
  11. Selling data offered via API services, for instance stock price forecasts.
  12. Writing books, especially with a self-publishing platform such as Lulu.com.

We invite you to share your passions with us, in the comment section below.


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