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Why RPA Services should be a Business Priority


Studies show the global Robotic Process Automation market will touch $3.97 billion by 2025. The CAGR will be around 31%, along with 80 million jobs deemed the perfect fit for RPA solutions. RPA adoption is increasing at a rapid pace. Deloitte’s recent survey shows that 53% of companies have started to use RPA services. The tremendous growth of RPA bots is the result of a competitive environment. 

Process automation services simply automate the mundane, repetitive tasks that eat uptime. By automating these processes, employees can focus on high-value tasks. It increases productivity, efficiency and leads to innovation. 

For example, filling in customer details is a tedious task. Sales representatives get irritated when entering this information. Services like RPA UiPath and RPA automation Anywhere handle this process with ease.

Both UiPath and Automation Anywhere are leading RPA vendors. They provide software bots that automate the process of data entry. The bots are triggered when a customer entry takes place in the system. It captures the data, passes it to the right fields, and enters it into the respective forms. 

The best thing: RPA robotics doesn’t need any human intervention. After installing the bots at the initial stage, RPA consultants can let them do the work. They need to watch it from time to time. 

So why are RPA Solutions A Business Priority?

Every business has three primary success factors – cost, profit, and efficiency. While there are product quality and customer service, the three are umbrella values. 

RPA process automation enables companies to achieve efficiency. It reduces the cost of operations. The ultimate result is an increase in profits. There’s also an increase in productivity, accuracy, and return on investment.

Here are a few reasons why RPA services should be a business priority – 

  1. Reduction in operational costs

Hiring employees for mundane tasks is a high-cost, low-ROI activity. Companies have to pay them monthly salaries, provide perks & benefits, and give bonuses.

But, they need only a few RPA consultants. RPA bots are a one-time investment. They must have regular maintenance. They don’t need salaries, perks, and compensations, or overtime benefits. Once companies install RPA UiPath or RPA Automation Anywhere, bots will take care from there.

Human and resource costs are multiplying every day. Every business needs to find a way to reduce them. When the prices are lower, products can generate higher profits. Low-cost also serves more customers. Process Automation minimizes operational costs and leads to better outcomes.

  1. Improving Organizational Productivity

The second aspect is to improve productivity. Serving more customers is every company’s target. But humans have limited energy and hands to work. They cannot work 24 hours a day.

But, RPA services & vendors like Blue Prism RPA provide bots that can do that. They do not get tired and work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The software doesn’t have energy requirements. There’s no need to take a break from work. It can work without a pause and lead to a 50% increase in productivity.

Errors in production and service maintenance also lead to delays. Robotic Process Automation offers 100% error-free results. Since they work on predefined commands, there will be no variation from the benchmark. 

  1. Boosts Employee Morale

RPA as a service is an excellent replacement of employees for tedious work. It is not a bad thing – but it is an opportunity. Assigning valuable tasks to employees showcases a company’s respect for their skills.

The ultimate result is a boost in employee morale as they work on more innovative tasks. It involves work that involves decision making, creativity, and problem-solving. RPA services give human resources a chance to stretch their limits.

Every employee wants a challenge that matches their skill. By doing that, they achieve ultimate job satisfaction. Satisfied employees are the best resources for any organization. When employees feel they can innovate, they get the motivation to do so.

  1. Increases Efficiency

RPA solutions increase the efficiency of operations. An RPA bot is much faster and effective than a human resource. It can reduce the activity completion time by 75% to 90%. That means businesses can achieve more in less amount of time.

The integration of RPA services leads to organizational efficiency. One task that takes less time will result in other activities to be completed quickly. Business success becomes a side effect of the efficiency factor.

RPA and human resources complement each other. It improves the efficiency of the workforce as well. If there are sequential tasks, then quick RPA completion means faster human resource completion as well. 

  1. Better Return on Investment (ROI)

If the ROI is low, businesses don’t undertake a new technological innovation. But companies that install RPA bots achieve their ROI within six months, studies show. RPA consultants identify the profits as the leading metrics for measuring this success.

Profits flow from the integration of organizational efforts. Low-costs, higher productivity, and motivated employees contribute to more profits. The return on investment is the result of seamless and human and RPA integration. 

RPA Automation Anywhere, RPA UiPath and Blue Prism RPA are the three leading process automation services. Installing any one of them saves massive licensing costs of individual automation software. 

Conclusion: RPA services Lead to Business Success

Robotic Process Automation is at the core of digital transformation initiatives. Today’s dynamic business world requires technology to take over. RPA as a service is going to be a leading cause of business profitability.

The main driver of success will be allowing employees more time and freedom to innovate. RPA solutions leave human resources free from repetitiveness. By taking over mundane tasks, workers become more efficient. They start seeing themselves as a valuable part of the organization. 

What companies need today are RPA consultants who can enable automation. They can install RPA bots and track their performance. BoTree Technologies has a team of RPA experts with over 5 years of experience in business process automation.

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