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What To Expect From The Upcoming Android 12


Recently after Google I/O 2021, announced android 12 as it will be launched by the end of 2021 but yet the experts say that people will have to wait till early 2022 to use android 12. Android 12 will be the most developed and recent beta version of the Android System. Whatever features a context that has been included in this blog I just a prediction and may or may not have some additions while the android 12 version is launched with complete perfectness.




As android phones have been close to the same set of colours the new android 12 will have all the bright and attractive colours. Shades will automatically complement the colour extraction from the wallpaper. Material you is the main contributor in making this colour palette for android 12.

This material palette will be generating the colours according to the background of the mobile phone. It can also be described as the state of all the colours changing according to the mood of the user. Picking out the wicket will also be easier with the enhanced widget picker. The widget area will also have a new shape that won€™t have just straight edges but smooth circle like edges which will complement the look of the widget menu.




While it was announced in the Google I/O 2021, that the privacy and security features will be enhanced largely in the android 12 beta version. Many major changes will be added such as the applications can be restricted from detecting your location depending on your choice when you want it to detect your location or not. The user can also decide which application will have access to all data on the mobile phone and no data will be used without the user€˜s knowledge or permission. Also, in other android versions, the camera and the microphone access permissions are asked by applications which can be turned off by going into the settings and as a whole long process with each app but in the android 12 version it will all be shifted to quick settings and so you will be just one click away if you do not want to allow this access to any of the apps on your mobile phone.


App hibernation


None of the previous android systems had an app hibernation system that is going to be included in android 12. App hibernation simply means that the applications that are not used for a long time but are just saying on the phone will be shifted to app hibernation so that the axis that was allowed by the user to that€™s Pacific app will be denied automatically for the safety of the user and their privacy. Access to Camera, microphone, storage etc.


Google Photos


Google photos will be guided such as to save high-quality pictures to the 15 GB free storage with a new feature added that is the Google photos will not be taking any backup of screenshot or screen recordings to the 15 GB free storage without the permission of the user to avoid unwonted storage on the free space available in Google photos.


Animation and Emoji


All the animations have always been enhanced with every android version but in android 12 it will be enhanced even more giving you a near to real animation and emoji experience.  Android 12 will include nearly 389 emoji designs on the keyboard.




Quick tap


With the quick tap feature android 12 version, it will be easy to perform some functions on the mobile phone. For example, while taking a screenshot they use and can simply double tap on the behind side of the mobile phone or can customise this feature by whatever function they want to perform with this action.


Over scroll


With the stretch over the scroll, users will simply be able to know when they have reached the end of the scroll screen. Google Assistant can be reached out by just keeping a long press on the power button of the mobile phone.


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