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Water Leakage Detection System: How IoT Technology Can Help?


Water leakage is one of the chief reasons for water dearth in the world. Numerous countries are fronting massive water loss due to water leakage. The main reason behind water loss is that people are unable to find the points in the area from where the water is getting leaked. According to research done by the World Bank, up to 25-30% of water gets leaked due to the leakage problem. Apart from water scarcity, water leakage can cause some other problems such as infrastructural succulence and accidental slip-up.  Water leakage can be more hazardous in factories subsequently causing vast damage to the apparatuses in the industries.

The best treatment of this problem is implementing a water leakage detection system in the area where the probability of water leakage is extreme. IoT-based water leakage detection system has made this process effortless by making it smart enough to detect water leakage automatically and sending alerts to the manager. Smart leakage detection system uses sensors to identify the leakage in the tanks or pipes. Buildings and industries must implement this automated system to augment the safety from any kind of water-related impairment. The IoT-based water detection system has the power to detect leaks with an accuracy level of 75%.

Industries in which IoT grounded Leakage Detection System can be employed:

  • Engine rooms

This system can be used in engine rooms to detect water leakage to avert the computer system from any kind of damage. Any fault in the engine€™s computer system can influence the working of the machinery which can initiate severe damage. Smart leakage detection system has the latent to improve it significantly by categorizing the point from where water is getting leaked and can land to the computer system.

  • Cold chain logistics

Water leakage detection system can be used here to prevent frozen food from losing its excellence in the long run. Maintaining the temperature of the food is extremely imperative in cold chain logistics to ensure the quality of the product. Therefore, the installation of a water leakage detection system is very vital to manage water leakage.

  • Warehouses

A leakage detection system helps to detect the leaks from floorboards to maintain the quality of products. Implementing a smart water leakage detection solution in a warehouse can help manger variously in making important decisions regarding the management of inventory and setting the product quality accordingly.

  • Industrial workshops

Ensure the safety of equipment€™s by identifying the potential water leakage is validating that the machines are not getting jammed by coming in contact with leaking water. Damage of hefty industrial machinery can lead to substantial production and financial loss.

  • Base stations

Prevent short circuits and ensure employee safety in base stations by detecting leakages. Large number of wires are present in base station which controls the local area network. Even a small leak in the base station can lead to vast damage, therefore it is very critical to identify all the leakages promptly.

Features of IoT based Water Leakage Detection System

  • IoT-based water leakage detection system have the potential to manage data smartly.
  • Predictive analytics is one of the most chief features of IoT water leakage detecting solution in which smart algorithms are used to analyze the condition of leaking zones.
  • Multiple sensor integration in IoT water leakage detector is the feature that helps to identify both spot and zone leaks in the area.
  • IoT grounded leakage detection system is very flexible and scalable in nature.
  • Applications and dashboards are used along with IoT devices for data visualization and to get alerts about leakage detection.

Benefits of using IoT based Water Leakage Detection System

  • Real-time alerts

Sensor€™s ability of IoT technology is exploited for real-time persistence and it is very beneficial for preventing the industries from water damage. Real-time alerts and notifications to the user concerning water leakage guarantee the complete safety of the area. Users can get alerts on the directly connected phone or other devices through the dashboard or app ubiquitously. The real-time capability of the sensor devices is so quick that as soon as the water comes in contact with the floor, a user is updated with a notification which helps to take the opportune action to avert the damage.

  • Building security

Neighboring zones to the collected water get destructively exaggerated and becomes the cause of various disease. Additionally, collected water also impacts the quality of infrastructure. Smart water detection system helps to detect the barely discoverable water leakage points in the area and help to regulate them consequently. IoT sensor with gateway gives high-quality services and helps to monitor the leakage effortlessly in the less time conceivable. This helps to maintain security from water-born diseases and other problems.

  • Advance analytics

Various variable parameters allied with water give crucial evidence about the water and helps to analyze the degree to which the water is likely to cause manage. Some of these parameters are water flow, temperature, humidity, and pressure. Advance analytical capacity of IoT devices plays a noteworthy role in analyzing these parameters.  Technologies like Big data unified with IoT helps to perform this analysis and generate decidedly valuable insights.

  • Predictive maintenance

The truthful outcomes through IoT sensors are engendered by the advanced algorithms entrenched in the IoT solutions.  These solutions contribute to making industrious decisions by predicting the future possibility of water leakage in the factories. Predictive maintenance can lead to highly precautionary measures in the industries resulting in saving a huge amount of water loss and preventing the machines and goods from getting damaged.

The inference of advanced technologies sideways with IoT is turning the water leakage detection process entirely effortless. The benefits of using smart leakage detection system are huge and help industries to prevent themselves from considerable loss. Industries are showing inordinate interest in implementing smart water leakage detection solution by concentrating on the useful and easily handy features of the system. The solution is accessible for numerous industries which shows the flexibility and scalability level of the system evidently.