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Vue.js vs AngularJS Development in 2021: Side-by-Side Comparison


What is the first name that comes to your mind when we talk about web development? And why is it JavaScript?

Well, it is because JavaScript is the fastest growing language and is ruling the development industry, be it web or mobile apps. JavaScript has solutions for both front-end and back-end development.

Did you know there are almost 24 JS frameworks, but only a few could make it to the top? We know only 3-4 JS frameworks and are still confused about which one is better for our business. 

Here is a highly demanded comparison of Vue.js and AngularJS development, which will help you decide which is better for your business. 

Before we begin with the comparison, here are a few usage stats related to JavaScript, Vue.js, and AngularJS you might be interested in. 

Usage Stats of JavaScript, Vue.js and AngularJS.

  • The following stats show the historical trends in the percentage of websites using JavaScript as their reliable development mode.


  • The following graph shows the market position of JavaScript as compared to other popular languages and frameworks.


  • The following stat will show you how Vue.js is ruling the technical world.


  • The following stat will show you the usage of AngularJS in the current web development industry.


Let us now move towards the comparison between Vue.js and AngularJS.

Vue.js vs AngularJS Development in 2021

Here is a list of points that we will be focusing on during this comparison:


  1. Vue.js vs AngularJS: Understanding the basics
  2. Vue.js vs AngularJS: Based on market trends and popularity
  3. Vue.js vs AngularJS: Performance
  4. Vue.js vs AngularJS: Size and loading time
  5. Vue.js vs AngularJS: Integration
  6. Vue.js VS AngularJS: Which Is Best For Web Development In 2021?
  7. What is your choice?

1. Vue.js vs AngularJS: Understanding the basics

AngularJS was released in 2010 as a basic version. It was developed by Google, known as the Typescript-based JavaScript Framework. After releasing several versions, Angular V11.2.8 is now the latest version available, released in April 2021.


In this age of technology, AngularJS quickly set the benchmark in mainstream technology used by millions of developers today. Because AngularJS not only has a great launch moment, it also offers incredible structure. It provides a simple bi-directional data link, an MVC model, and an integrated module system because of which much angularJS development company prefer it as their first choice for front-end JavaScript framework.


While talking about the Big 3 of JavaScript, Vue.js is the youngest member of the group. Former Google employee Evan You developed it in 2014, and it quickly took the world by storm with its excellent performance and smooth functionality.


Vue.js is a popular progressive framework for creating user interfaces. Unlike tech-driven frameworks like AngularJS, Vue.js has been built for incremental adoption by users. All thanks to the features of Vue.js that make it the most prominent JavaScript framework on GitHub.

2. Vue.js vs AngularJS: Market trends and popularity

  • Usage and Market Share: According to the angular development report, AngularJS is used by 0.4% of all websites, while Vue.js is at 0.3%.


  • Ranking of websites that use the respective JS libraries: 0.8% use AngularJS and 0.5% are Vue.js of all the websites whose JS library we know and are already among the 1,000,000.


  • Historical Trend- The dedicated w3techs survey that represents historical trends in the percentage of websites using selected technologies.


3. Vue.js vs AngularJS: Based on Performance

Vue.js is a growing sensation among major web development companies when it comes to evaluating Js frameworks’ performance. You can always hire programmers from India to implement it in your business.


The structure of AngularJS is made of massive codes but guarantees high functionality, while Vue.js is flexible and very light and offers excellent speed over high functionality. While in most cases, the extensive features and functions of AngularJS are not used for the application, although the dedicated web development team chooses Vue.js over AngularJS.


While all functions are supposed to be added via additional extensions in Vue.js, ultimately, the choice is preferable among beginners than the AngularJS framework. However, the well-built structure of AngularJS makes it the perfect opportunity to develop an application that requires a rich set of functionalities.


At the same time, if you compare the functionalities, AngularJS may be rigid, but Vue.js has opinions. That means that Vue.js gives the developer freedom to develop an application in the framework’s manner.

4. Vue.js vs AngularJS: Size and loading time

When choosing between JavaScript frameworks, the size of the library is an essential element to consider, since in some cases, the execution time depends on the size of the file.


Angular: 500 + KB

Vue: 80 KB


Although AngularJS offers you a wide range of functions, it is certainly bulky. While the latest version of AngularJS has probably reduced the size of the application at a considerable rate, it is still not as lightweight as that developed with the Vue.js framework. When the application’s loading time depends mainly on the size of the application, the Vue.js mobile application guarantees a faster loading than AngularJS.

5. Vue.js vs AngularJS: Integration

Although the general implementation of AngularJS is quite complicated, even for dedicated developers. But if you are using Angular CLI, you win half the battle. While the CLI handles everything from creating projects to optimizing code with a single command, you can deploy an application to any static host with a single command.


Talking about Vue.js, it also has CLI, which generates a robust pre-configured configuration for hassle-free application development. Developing in Vue.js is as easy as with AngularJS. You get optimized projects that run on a built-in command. Therefore, deploying the Vue.js project on any static host and enabling server-side rendering is relatively easy.

6. Vue.js VS AngularJS: Which one is better for web development in 2021?

CLI supports both the frameworks, but as compared to Vue.js, AngularJS has a small advantage when managing and deploying an application.

A. When to choose AngularJS for your application development project?


AngularJS is the ideal choice when:

  • You need to develop a complex, large and dynamic application project.
  • You want a real-time application like instant messaging and chat application.
  • You need reliable and easy scalability.
  • You can afford to spend time learning TypeScript to develop your application.

B. When should I choose Vue.js?


Despite being the youngest member of JavaScript’s Big 3, it is a popular choice for many software development companies. You should choose it when:

  • You need to develop a lightweight, single-page application.
  • You need high speed, flexibility, and performance.
  • You want a small-scale application.
  • Look for clear and simple coding.


Which one should you choose?

When it comes to developing an application, both frameworks will offer a great structure to your web applications. However, Vue.js VS AngularJS: which is better? The answer to this question completely depends on your business needs. 


The choice of the appropriate framework depends on several factors. As discussed, you may consider making the final decision. If you want a structure that is industry-appropriate and well structured, hire developers in India to provide you with AngularJS development services is the way to go.

On the other hand, if your project requires a single page layout, fast rendering, clean coding, there could be no better option than to consider vue.js development company in India for your project.

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