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Visually Explained: Human Vs. Artificial Intelligence – Who Wins The Race?

Human and artificial intelligence compares just as well as oranges and apples do. Nonetheless, the broader public does precisely that, including a vast portion of businesses and organizations. Hence, let’s do a thought experiment: If we were to compare human and artificial intelligence, how would we go about it? And what would be the possible conclusions from that comparison?


Artificial intelligence systems don’t suffer from memory loss, they operate strictly logically, and they can process massive amounts of data. Best of all, they are increasingly capable of learning without human supervision, and they can autonomously reinforce their learning efforts.


By contrast, we humans can make connections between multiple, seemingly entirely unrelated domains of knowledge and come up with entirely new ideas. Each of us has unique strengths, and we can get together to solve highly complex problems, like sending humans to the Moon or to Mars in a not so distant future.


Artificial intelligence systems (coupled with Robotic Process Automation capabilities) will very likely successively replace repetitive work. Especially white-collar back-office jobs are at risk, such as, for example, processing insurance claims, parsing through medical records, or monitoring online transactions. Further down the road, blue-collar jobs will probably gradually vanish, starting with taxi or truck drivers.

How can we create a future in which humans remain relevant? A possible solution: By focusing on our strengths and leveraging on those of AI systems. How can we become a better version of ourselves by orders of magnitude, as humans and as enterprises?


Let’s do another thought experiment:

  • How would you map the capabilities of intelligence?
  • In which of those domains do humans excel?
  • And in which domains do artificial intelligence systems catch up or even exceed human capacity?

By gaining a better understanding of the landscape of intelligence, your company might find answers about how to leverage on human and artificial intelligence in the best possible ways.