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Top MDM-Enabled Data Security Hacks You Should Know About

  • Edward Nick 
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Security is the buzzword for the digital world today. Businesses have realized that thriving and surviving without a well-functioning security system in place is tough. Security breaches, malware, ransomware and similar incidents are real. The businesses that have suffered from malicious attacks very well know how grave these attacks can be. 

The importance of data security is undebatable and it is the right time to focus on your security parameters. It does not necessarily mean that you have to take the longest road possible. You can always act smart by opting for an efficient MDM that can take your business to the next level.

MDM Solutions

These MDM solutions possess the capacity to help you with the best possible features. Their robust features are actually savior hacks in disguise, that can help your business grow and sustain irrespective of any conditions. 

The profits are many and losses are none. In short, a great deal! Let’s understand data security and how a smart MDM solution can help.

What is Data Security?

Data security is the practice of securing digital data and assets against any unauthorized access, theft, corruption or misuse. It protects organizations against cybercrimes, malicious activities and human errors, too.

Companies across the world have realized the value of structuring their data security efforts. The more robust the security measures, the lower the risk of data leakages and cyber attacks. 

Data Security is directly related to the trust of the clients. Customers anticipate and expect that their sensitive information,

such as their names, addresses, dates of birth, official details, email addresses and other pertinent information, will be kept safe and secure when they provide it.

In the recent past, we witnessed how hackers easily leaked the personal information of many renowned corporate organizations. Imagine the level of security they trespassed.

Therefore no matter what sort of organization you are in, data security is important to retain your customers’ trust in your business. No customers, no business. 

Challenges in the Way of Data Security

With the advent of the pandemic, all the businesses went mobile. This sudden workplace paradigm shift gave a boost to WFH culture. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) became a trend.

Employees started using their own personal devices to access corporate servers and databases. Cybercriminals found it as an easy way to barge in the corporate arena.

Not just this, there are many other challenges in the way of corporate data security and integrity. 

We have bulleted some of the common challenges, here:

  • Data Breaches
  • Malware, ransomware, cyber-attacks, phishing emails, etc.
  • Unmanaged mobile devices and endpoints
  • Inadequate ISMS knowledge and training to employees
  • Non-compliance due to inefficient data security strategy
  • Improper BYOD management
  • Inadequate cloud data security
  • Improper data backup and recovery

Mobile Device Management and Data Security

An efficient mobile device management solution can help mitigate all the challenges.

Mobile Device Management helps organizations manage, monitor, and track mobile devices in real-time. These MDM offer myriad benefits to the organizations and are a real spy in disguise. 

Almost all the MDM solutions available in the market today offer features that primarily lock the devices and prevent them from being misused.

They also help in reducing the time spent on redundant administrative tasks. They comprise useful features like bulk deployment, mobile content management, mobile application management, reports and workflow management, task automation, and general security features. 

But a smart MDM has more than these features to offer. Since this is the age of hacks, how can MDM solutions remain unaffected? Smart MDM solutions have crisp hacks to secure your enterprise. Just leverage those and you are good to go! 

Some MDM-Enabled Top Security Hacks

Let’s discover top MDM-enabled data security hacks which can safeguard your organization’s digital boundaries. 

MDMs took inspiration from digital kiosks and replicated the idea in form of one of their strongest features. Undoubtedly many companies are benefiting from the kiosk lockdown feature.

With Kiosk Lockdown, any device can be converted to a single app or multi-app kiosk, irrespective of OS. This helps businesses keep their employees productive.

After all, who wants their employees to access social media apps inside a warehouse? So, go ahead and utilize this feature as a quick security hack to ensure a compliant workforce. 

  • Unique Passcode Policies

Smart businesses plan ahead. Passwords are the entry points to your organizational servers and databases. Smart MDM solutions provide a check at the entry itself.

This is a great life-savior hack that organizations can leverage for optimum security. Unfortunately, this is the most overlooked aspect. 

A good MDM provides enough choices when it comes to passcode policies. They provide you with an entire password management platform comprising options to enforce complex passwords.

This includes setting the length of the minimum number of symbols, lower-case characters, alphabets, upper-case characters, number of digits, etc.

You can easily select password expiry duration, maximum password history list, the maximum number of failed attempts, FRP protection, set time for auto-lock, etc.  

  • Remote Wipe-off Feature

Another quick security hack that can be leveraged through an efficient MDM is planning ahead to erase all the data over the air if the device falls into wrong hands.

These MDMs have a silent feature that wipes out all the data after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts to enter the passcode.

  • Containerization

For BYOD also, MDMs have a great hack called containerization. This essentially ensures that there are separate containers to keep personal and work-related apps.

This helps in keeping the boundaries between personal data and work data intact. This saves corporate data from being compromised.

Employees can switch between personal and work profiles separately, based on needs. This also saves them from the added responsibility of keeping two separate devices. 

  • Disabling Cookies and Cache

Some MDMs enforce strict policies when it comes to cookies and caches. This feature is really important when it comes to safeguarding corporate data.

Disabling cookies and cache reduces the chances of data being compromised. This is a minor thing, but many companies have gained real-time benefits from this MDM hack!

  • Geofencing 

Geofencing is a life saver, especially for the workforce that’s always on the go. You can apply geofence and get detailed logs as to where your devices were. In case of a breach, you will get an alert in seconds.

This ensures that your employees are safe, productive, and operating within the location specified as per business requirements. 

  • SIM-Swap detection

This hack saves you from device theft and ultimately gives you an edge over other businesses. With SIM swap detection you can easily block the device from any unauthorized access.

  • Control Screen Captures

These days whatever data is on the internet, is copyable. Your corporate data is confidential and smart MDMs understand how valuable it is for your organization.

So to keep a check on this, many MDMs facilitate you with the feature of controlling screen captures. It ensures that your data is safe and private to your organization.

Closing lines

Modern-day MDM solutions are becoming smarter day by day. They are willing to dive into the best possible solution when it comes to device and data security.

Be it advancing their features or innovating a new hack, they are on it! Their incessant experiments and their unwavering efforts are paving the way for a more secure and safe digital world. With all these hacks and features, the future of MDM looks bright and beautiful.