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Top 10 IoT in Transportation solution providing companies for 2019

The state-of-the-art technology trend, the Internet of Things, is growing expeditiously at the speed of light with each passing day. Many industries have begun harnessing the true potential of IoT. One such industry is the transportation industry. There are various types of smart sensor technology put to use in the transportation industry. IoT technology trend is helping the world by feature-rich sensor technology, and it would also not be wrong to say that there will be various smart gadgets by the year 2030 in the transportation industry.

Top 10 IoT in Transportation solution providing companies for 2019

Here is the list of top 10 IoT in transportation solution providing companies of 2018:

#1 Telit:

This is also a top-notch IoT solutions provider for smart transportation that helps business owners in taking transport business to the next level with each passing day. The company aims at creating good smart cities by providing feature-rich IoT smart gadgets as per the requirement of clients. All the IoT smart gadgets provided by Telit are efficient, secure and have good network connectivity.


#2 Elite Crest Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

Managing Director: Sridevi Battu

Elite Crest is located in Seattle, USA and has an R&D center in Hyderabad, India. Elite Crest provides different types of IT services such as IoT, machine learning, mobile app development, etc. They always ensure that their clients are delighted with their services. Having 20+ years of experience, they keep in mind about the engaging design, latest technology trend for providing the best technology solution to the clients. The company has a wide-array of happy clients’ base that makes it one of the best companies who provides best IoT in transportation solutions.

#3 Biz4Intellia:

Founder & CEO: Sanjeev Verma

Biz4Intellia Inc. is a US-based End-to-End IoT (Internet of Things) Solution Provider. Biz4Intellia is catering to the remote monitoring need of multiple industry verticals including Transportation & Logistics, Water, and Oil & Gas. Biz4Intellia headquartered in Orlando, FL, USA and provides quality-oriented internet of things technology solutions to businesses worldwide.

The company has it’s own IoT product named “Intellia”. Intellia is easily highly customizable for multiple industrial needs. The IoT in transportation solution provided by Biz4Intellia also includes the advanced analytics that can be accessed by the business owners anytime anywhere.

The smart transportation solutions provided by Biz4Intellia also helps the fleet managers to take their business to the next level. On top of it, Biz4Intellia delivers their IoT solutions within 4-6 weeks.

 #4 Azilen Technologies:

CEO & Co-founder: Naresh Prajapati

Established in the year 2008, Azilen Technologies is yet another prominent IoT in transportation solution provider to different clients as per their requirements. Having a laudable team of developers, the company provides different IT solutions and also the IoT based solutions by using the current technology trends. They provide services such as mobile app development, Internet of Things solutions, and other software development services to clients worldwide.

#5 Orbcomm:

CEO: Marc J Eisenberg

Orbcomm is another best in class internet of things solution providing company which also provides feature-rich smart IoT transportation sensor, oil & gas, etc. Their IoT solutions help the organization reach new heights with each passing day. The company also provides feature-rich connected devices that eventually help in making industrial works intelligent. The company also offers the proficient smart hardware gadgets to the customers that provide them 100% satisfaction.

#6 Smartvue:

Founder & CEO: Martin Renkis

This is another top-rated Internet of Things technology solution provider that also includes the IoT in transportation. The best IoT in transportation solutions provided by this company are fully secured, safe and also has good connectivity. They keep in mind about the needs of customers before providing the IoT solutions to them. All the IoT devices solution provided by Smartvue is reliable in performance.

#7 Cybage:

CEO: Arun Nathani

This company also provides valuable IoT in transportation solutions for fleet management that helps them in enhancing their fleet business effectively. The company also provides high functionality IoT applications to help the fleet managers in getting accurate vehicle tracking like the driver information, transport information, etc. They offer efficacious sensor technology solutions for the faster transmission of data by devices. Their competent IoT sensors offer real-time data to the fleet managers for tracking the truck-trailers and also different parameters like speed, road climate condition, etc.

#8 Kore Wireless:

President & CEO: Romil Bahl

Kore Wireless is also a top-rated IoT solution provider for various industries such as fleet, logistics, and various others. The company offers industry-specific IoT solutions that eventually take the industry towards good profitability. The IoT in transportation solutions provided by them includes different benefits such as real-time truck-trailer, etc. The IoT devices for transportation that are developed by Kore Wireless also provides a real-time place of the vehicles and good analytics for enhanced operational productivity.

#9 BasecampScout:

Another leading company in providing IoT solutions, BasecampScout’s effective solution FleetPro offers varied advantages for the fleet managers as well as the drivers. The fleet managers can trace the real-time location of the fleet as well as of fleet drivers. The managers can also get to know about the speed, velocity of the fleet and contact the fleet drivers in the blink of an eye to drive at the right speed as per the road safety requirements. The fleet drivers also get numerous benefits by fleetpro such as they can remain in touch with the fleet managers through the journey easily. The drivers also get the benefit of ensuring constant examination and service tasks right from the IoT based app. For the fleet managers, the FleetPro offers another effectual advantage of decreasing the time when the fleet is not working.

#10 WebNMS:

This is another fastest growing IoT solution provider that also offers the IoT fleet management solution to fleet business owners as per their requirements. Their IoT smart transportation solution is effective for the transportation business owners to get the data regarding the real-time location of the truck-trailer, the speed at which the driver is operating the vehicle, etc. Accordingly, the fleet manager can contact the truck-trailer driver to go at the right speed required at the particular area on the road.

Summing Up:

Well, the aforementioned IoT in transportation solution providing companies offers the class apart smart transportation internet of things smart gadgets and devices that help the fleet managers as well drivers for smooth operations of the business. Well, if you are looking forward to developing good functionality IoT in transportation smart gadgets, then feel free to contact us, and we will assist you further in choosing the right solution as per your business needs. The IoT solution will further be a boon for your transportation business.