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Infographic: The Typical Data Scientist Profile in 2019

This infographic was produced by 365DataScience. Last year they completed a research on 1,001 data scientists to get a profile of the ‘typical’ data scientist in 2018. They replicated the study with new data. Below are the findings.

Here are some of our key findings:

  • R (45%) and Python (54%) are the programming languages that dominate the data science field with 73% of the cohort knowing at least one of the two. Other popular languages are SQL (36%), MATLAB (19%), and Java (18%).
  • 59% of the data scientists come from one of three educational backgrounds: Computer science (22%), Economics and Social Sciences (21%), and Statistics and Mathematics (16%). There are fewer people who studied Data science and analysis (12%), Natural Sciences (11%), and Engineering (9%)
  • The leading employer for data scientists is the Tech industry (43%), with the Industrial Sector (39%) following closely by. The Financial and Healthcare industries account for 16% and 2% of data scientists, respectively.


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