The Four Stages of a Chatbot’s Business Intelligence Evolution

The Four Stages of a Chatbot’s Business Intelligence Evolution

I see four stages in the progression of chatbot-like AIs interacting with business systems for the purpose of providing actionable business intelligence.

Stage 1) Single Numeric Response

Question :

Bob, can you give me the order number that corresponds to customer number XYZ123?

Method: simple SQL query on one table. No need for translating back to natural language

Availability: Now.

Stage 2) Multiple Numeric Response


Bob, can you tell me if any orders shipped late yesterday?

Method: SQL query with some simple summarization. Possibly more than one table involved. Output will be in the form of a list

Availability: 6 months

Stage 3) Predictive Numeric Response

Question: Bob, how many of the orders we received today will meet the 2 day shipping window?

Method: predictive analytics applied to data queried from multiple databases. Response will need to be translated back to natural language to convey the nuanced nature of the response

Availability: 6 months to 1 year

Stage 4) Predictive Question Generation


Bob, what should I be worried about today in the shipping and customer service departments?


A combination of various machine learning techniques including deep learning (neural networks), analysis of unstructured data, k means clustering, regressions, and random forest.

Availability: 2 to 5 years