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Thank You Google!! For Sharing my Data

     I always wondered how our life would have been if Google hadn’t been there. We depend on most of things from our personal to professional life on Google and it’s app. Not even a single day goes by without accessing any of these Google apps. Our life is partially dependent on Google. My Mom always use to say there are two world which exists One where they were born and raised a pre-google era and One where we are born in a post-google era. It has made our life easier, flexible and easy to some extent. On the contrary I agree with many people that there can be a life without Google as well. There are billions of such peoples.

     Google has always been criticized & blamed for collecting all our data and even I have written an article earlier this month blaming google to read my credit card details without my consent. The usage and intervention of Google apps are so high in our life that we don’t even think for a second before sharing our Personal and sensitive data with Google. However Do you know that all our data is stored on Google Cloud and each one of us who has ever accessed any of the Google apps can view and download their data.

For complete details on how I have accessed and used my Historical data for Visualization Read my Blog: 


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