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For years we have seen artificial intelligence appear in many films and television series, but in recent years is seen in a more remarked, even going further, we talk about Algorithms. Such is the case, that in the last Disney film of the Rompe Ralph series, the character of Yesss appears, representing an Algorithm as we understand it nowadays.

Next, I'll tell you about the films I've seen and there are specific mentions of our world:

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet: In this fun and current film for all audiences, the professionals of our world are represented by Yesss, who is one of the main characters in the 2018 Disney animated feature film, Ralph Breaks the Internet. It's an algorithm that represents the boss of BuzzzTube, a video platform.

  • Money Ball: many of us remember this film by Brad Pitt, but for the professionals of our world, we remember it for the character Peter Brand (in real life Paul Podesta), who optimally applies mathematical algorithms for the signing of players, obtaining excellent results in the championship thanks to these signings recommended by the algorithm.

  • A.I. (Artificial Intelligence): Surely many of you remember this film by Steven Spilberg as one of the first to talk about our world, but as we see in this list, is not so, there are previous ones that already touch the world of the algorithm. From this film I highlight the appearance of the figure of the data scientist.

  • 21 blackjack: This film also reflects our profession perfectly. As a group of data scientists who love mathematics and technology, they can analyze strategies to win in casinos. Besides, it joins with the real formative world, as it shows that 6 MIT students are the protagonists of the film.

  • Matrix: In the year 1999 this series of films appears (I recognize that they are my weakness, not only for Kiano Rives), but for how it shows the parallel world of the processing of the machines. We all had in our PCs the famous screensaver of 0 and 1`s green that represented the great processing of information.

Surely you have seen some more movie in which our precious algorithms appear and you are willing to share it in the comments of this blog!

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