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500 Data Science Articles Visually Accessible on Twitter

By visually accessible, I mean that you don't see the title, but instead, the top picture contained in each tweeted article, as illustrated below. It allows you to easily find out if you already read the article in question, or if it is worth reading. Also, I'm not sure exactly what the total is, it is certainly well above 500, probably in the thousands if not above 10,000 articles, as you can scroll down indefinitely when visiting these Twitter pages. A subset (2,000 articles) is available as a compressed document to members only, here

This link (see second item after clicking) will also provide you access to the data science methodology that we used to automate and optimize our tweeting activity using data science and business principles, and grow our two Twitter accounts to well above 150K followers, making it the largest and fastest growing Twitter network for data science and analytics practitioners.

These are articles that have been tweeted by us and other practitioners. Twitter offers a visual way to retrieve or discover them. Many - but not all these tweets - are about Data Science Central articles. Many of these DSC articles point to external resources. In an nutshell, this gives you access to an encyclopedia of data science, on Twitter, and you can click on any image to access the associated article (or to like it or re-tweet it). Twitter ranked the articles according to popularity, recency, and of course, whether or not they contain an image.

Start visually exploring data science from these three different Twitter image repositories, by clicking on the three links below, to start your journey:

1. DataScienceCtrl

Below is a screenshot featuring a tiny portion of this Twitter page.

2. AnalyticBridge 

Below is a screenshot featuring a tiny portion of this Twitter page.


Below is a screenshot featuring a tiny portion of this Twitter page.

Note that not all our tweets have images attached to them: only the new ones, the great ones, and those that have been re-tweeted by followers. 

In a future article, we plan to feature the best pictures of the week, from all our weekly digests, 

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