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Positive impact of AI on employee experience

Positive impact of AI on employee experience

Abhijeet, the HR head has deployed artificial intelligence in his organization with the objective of taking care of his employees and to stay ahead of the competition. He has a vision in improving overall efficiency of the organization that leads to employee productive growth. He also wants the AI to help him get minute details of HR processes that can capture his attention better for improving the scope of productivity wherever possible. Let’s find out how AI can prove to be beneficial for his team:

AI gives valuable insights on better interpersonal relationship among team members

AI helps to facilitate data on which teams can work better together or which employees can be considered for taking them on the lead for a particular project. This will, in turn, have a massive impact on the operational efficiency and quality of work amongst your team.

AI is helpful in handling issues related to mental health at the workplace

AI can be effective in forming a personalised plan supporting an employee suffering from disruptive mental state of mind. It can suggest useful methods for stimulating mental well being at the workplace. AI can even recognize the danger signs of poor mental state of an employee and this would allow HR department to intervene and extend additional support.

AI acts as a good interface in the recruitment process

AI provides fruitful data on the success ratio of a job advertisement. It also acts as the first point of contact for the candidate’s question and offers a better overall impression of the company on the candidate for the first time. AI also helps in solving recruitment issues that an organization is facing. For example : AI can help Abhijeet in filtering out  recruitment areas on the basis of geographic, demographic and other profiles so as to attract talented applicants in an unbiased way.

AI helps in improving the onboarding experience of an employee from the first day itself

As per the studies, first 90 days an employee takes to form an opinion regarding the company ethos, colleagues and determining the future of the company. AI helps in automating the manual tasks for meeting out the four criterions of onboarding the new employee – clarification, compliance, connection and culture. AI helps in sending the preliminary paperwork, directing the employees towards significant resources and responding to other basic orientation queries. AI also helps in scheduling meetings with different team members and creating a coffee-catch up meets to foster friendship in order to expand network.

AI helps in cultivating training paradigms amongst employee’s learning prowess

AI offers a level of personalization by divulging details using machine learning on where, when and how the employees have learned and developed the most. It also offers individual feedback on training programmes, the areas for improvement and scope for excelling. If there is a difficulty in learning prowess of a team member, the machine learning algorithm will show the red flag to signify the Abhijeet’s team to impart training exercises for improving those skills.

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