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How to Turn Your WordPress Site Into an App

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Summary: Mobile apps are the need of the host for all businesses out there. As they effectively impact numbers, viewership and brand value, we help you analyze how you can build an app easily from an existing wordpress site, without spending a lot of money.

Developing an app is a tedious task. It involves a lot of money, effort and time; not to mention the high stakes of brand value and brand image for a business. So, how an entrepreneur plans to go about it definitely tends to impact the future vision and standing of their business.

There are lots of nuances involved herein including setting of goals, finding developers, developing the digital asset, etc. But, if you already have an impressive website, you are somewhat there.

Every app development requires a foundation website to develop its app on. Having one, tends to lower your effort, time and average cost of android app development, involved to some degree as well.

Why should you turn your WordPress Site into an App?

This is obvious. In terms of numbers, mobile app users spend an average 201.8 minutes per month shopping whereas, the numbers shrink to approximately 10.9 minutes/month for website users.

Moreover, the lower cost of smart-phones in contrast to web accessing devices like laptops and computers enables more outreach of mobile apps leading to the spectacular effect they seem to have on sales and viewership. With mobile apps user version also available for offline access and easy to use interfaces, mobile apps seem to be the new user favorites.

With outrageous competition out there, and mobile apps prowess to analyse user data with their Artificial Intelligence inclusions as well as unlimited accessibility to reach global corners with ease; obviously they are the new favorites for any and all future minded entrepreneurs.o mobile The mobile app market has thus been witnessing a constant surge in demand! So, if you already do not have one, you definitely need one.

Converting a WordPress website into  whole some Mobile App

First analyze your website to understand whether it has a basic static wordpress website development or a responsive one? If you have a static website, you should first be planning to transform it into a responsive one!


First and foremost, several of your requirements shall get fixed, when you choose to develop a responsive website. A responsive website is one wherein the interface and its inclusions change sizes and pixels as per the dimensions of the output screen; making it browsable across different platforms and devices.

Also, at all times remember that as smartphone€™s, viewership outgrows laptop and tablet numbers by a very broad margin; your website’s visibility on them is really important for your and your business. Apart from the huge push that a responsive website provides a business; it also helps them rank better on Google search results.

How to get started to develop an app?

When you intend to create your mobile app for business, there are several options that you can choose from:

  1. There are several tools out there that  can help you to create your app yourself, just like a DIY kit. Adobe PhoneGap is one such toolkit. But, if you are not a skilled developer yourself, chances are you€™ll have a difficult time analyzing, understanding and then actually doing the work procedures involved.  As these software kits generally require users to specifically write all their own codes, they may seem easy to work with for simpler websites and mobile apps. Complex app development will require some kind of code vdevelopments, at the end of the day and not being a dedicated mobile app developer yourself could be an issue at this point.
  2. Outsourcing the task completely to a mobile app agency agency is an option that would require very little effort on your part, but is time and money-consuming in comparison to other methods.
  3. To reduce costs of app development, you could also find app developers online and choose to work with them rem0tely on a project or freelance basis. This helps you hire the best of global talents for lesser prices.
  4. The most widely used option for transforming WordPress websites into an app is to use plugins for the same.  As WordPress is a platform, rich in all kinds of widgets and their functionalities, utilizing one for app development on the whole is truly an empowering procedure for it. With widgets, you can hire skilled developers, at a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency. It€™s also typically much faster than traditional app development and thus, it has been the choicest option for most mobile app businesses.

Which are the most successful widgets for developing an app from a website?

These plugins ensure that WordPress based websites, easily get transformed into mobile apps. Though they might ease the process involved, most of these plugins do not offer their services  for free. However, the cost that they seem to charge is mostly much less than the average app development cost you tend to pay to a third-party agency or freelance developers. Let’s take a  look at few of them:

1. AppPresser

AppPresser is a comprehensive plugin for mobile app development that inculcates various features to ensure that the app development process stays easy and fast for the app owners. As a tool, AppPresser allows you to build social media apps (BuddyPress), ecommerce(WooCommerce) apps, Membership apps, Podcast apps,  Learning and teaching apps (LearnDash), Nonprofit apps, amongst others. AppPresser allows the users to combine multiple WordPress components (from multiple app options) together to create an app of user€™s choice. For instance BuddyPress and membership app utilities may be combined to do a health and fitness app developers job. Moreover, with its visual app customizer, AppPresser enables its users to instantly change the look and feel of your app effectively. The plethora of options and opportunities these developments entail are unimaginable.

2. AppMaker

It is one of the free app maker plugins that allow you to start for free. With a 14 day free trial period, you can check how well it suits your needs and then go on to purchase its services.

AppMaker is an android and iOS app builder. The plugin allows users to either build an app themselves, on a DIY basis with zero coder requirements and ample appMaker support or simply give it to the AppMaker team  with your requirements. They shall get the task done with zero effort requirements on the customer€™s part. The AppMaker WordPress CMS easily allows the user to add in multiple pages, customize app€™s theme and layouts, Send push notifications, view analytics,  upload the final app, etc. All-in-all the plugin provides one of the smoothest and most efficient native app development services.

You have the goal. Lookout for the best way possible.

You know that you need a mobile app for your consumers. Apart from the two plugin options provided here, there are several other plugins  like MobiLoud, AndroApp, etc. that can get the job done. You could set your goals, read through the description and user review of these plugins and then decide as to what would suit you the most.

What are you waiting for? Get started!

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