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How AI is taking Voice beyond Telephony

Communications Technology has faced unexceptional change during the last decade. Talking about the year 2020, it has set a new benchmark for the new generation to use their capabilities and add value to the businesses for many more years to come. Voice Technology is somehow linked to the telephony. As the connection remains strong, voice is being used in various ways to bring maximum profit in various organizations as voice is significant because most of the customers are comfortable with it. Voice communication is the most natural method to grab the customer’s attention and thereby get a positive response!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) mainly helps in minding the robots, which further assist in performing the tasks flawlessly and think more or less like humans. It is undoubtedly the next step in the future, but in the initial days of technology, AI is just the start, and there is much more to go! It has been almost a decade, and now at present, there have been significant improvements observed in the technology.

From an IT point of view, there is a scope of equating the voice with the telephony, however, along with today’s technology, especially cloud, and AI, the outlook is too shallow and overlooks what all voices can do in place of the collaboration, the focus is undoubtedly improvising whatsoever! Surely, there is no wrong in making oneself comfortable in this valuable time concerning the telephony. Thus, on the contrary, this is one of the significant steps that one can take.

It needs to be understood that the AI still has a long way to go, but considering the 2020 scenario, it can be seen that AI has undoubtedly arrived. However, it is an early period, especially if you talk about workplace applications. From brand companies to various IT sectors, no one wants to waste time in tedious tasks performed by considerable manpower. This cannot lead to frustration, politics in the workplace but can also lead to a lot of human mistakes, which is again a time-consuming game. The perfect AI voice tool replaced with human methods is a good deal and will expand its horizon in the coming times. So let us understand that how AI is taking Voice beyond Telephony:

Smart Helpers

The Smart Speakers, Digital Personal Helpers, the most-famous Alexa for business are the many such great examples of the Smart Assistants. The modern technology is actively affecting the way one’s work, and it is not that the business-related technologies that IT has been improvising. It has much more beyond that. The famous companies related to the consumer stream, especially Amazon and Google, are changing their status by adopting various technologies that can be easily used and adopted. No more, Alexa is meant for playing songs on the music station. 

The AI is far more beyond this now. It’s actively used to take in the instructions of the humans and thereby to convert it into the tasks effectively and accurately. It reduces time and energy, saves human resources costs, reduces big mistakes, and brings maximum results. The

One of the best examples is AI, and it is one of the most potent examples. I have always been trying to explore AI and subjects related to this, and the significant change is that it has led to the shift from the traditional communication (manual) to the person -machine communication. This has been possible by the various associated technologies like machine learning and understanding the natural language! It’s a completely different user experience, and it helps the workers with modern automation techniques and helps to enhance productivity to the maximum level.

Telephony is, therefore, a productivity tool, and IT should consider this the most critical application for enhancing productivity to the maximum level.

Enhancement of the Business Value

It is not a hidden fact in the IT sector that the AI keeps on modifying and also adds up to the business value. Usually, just as anyone would ask the queries to Siri on an iPhone, AI helps in a hands-free way by making use of daily software to get the work done accurately. From the formation of an entirely new memo or editing of the spreadsheet or any new presentation, you are all set to modify it merely through the voice-driven application. The accurate results of AI are improving day by day and will surely grow in the future.

The primary key of AI is to convert the applications with “intelligence” to modify the voice into the natural interface. Hence, the tasks which are done on repetition regularly can be conducted with the help of AI by merely lifting a finger. You need to give instructions which will be conducted on a regular basis and thereby prove highly useful. Isn’t that wonderful!

Speech-to-text Technology

The real-time transcription had been quite popular in 2019, and it is clear that the popularity of the speech-to-text technologies has gone too far with the increasing times. AI has made speech recognition easy and accurate. The productivity has increased to its leaps and bounds with no taking notes during meetings. It works super cool in the crowded spaces as well, where the audio is too distrustful.

In this modern era of enhanced technology, Ai is highly helpful in bringing out accurate results and is less time-consuming. Just imagine taking notes in the crowded space; the results can make it extremely risky. Gone are the conventional ways of taking huge notes with short abbreviations. In the struggle of not missing even a single point can lead to less focus on the hearing and more on noting down every detail. It can be highly frustrating and can drain big time. Therefore AI-driven speech to text may not be accurate, but it goes far to meet these challenges.

Interactive Voice Response Technique

An IVR technique has become the most excellent talk of the town and is a handy tool for the business that can get a high volume of the calls. It helps in saving the customers time as well as the staff.

AI helps in the enhancement of personal information and also the latest transactions to solve any query. The role of an AI worker has transferred this information to the business representative, who will help in handling the customer in a much better way. It’s the best method to enhance customer satisfaction without much hassle of the staff or consumption of the time.

Performing the automated tasks

The Chatbots helps in taking in the given instructions with the help of a text message or using audio and then further making it use into automated tasks. Similar to the IVR, the Chatbots are utilized by businesses to calculate customer interactions. 

AI-used Chatbots go to the level of performing the ChatBot functions in a complicated way and therefore setting up the meetings, inviting the participants, carrying out the schedules, and many more! With the help of the AI used methods, flawless improvements in the contact center offices, web meetings, scheduling, many top businesses are looking forward to adopting them.

Making the work function snappy

With the transcription and the processing of the content of the telephonic conversations, AI techniques can perform the scan of the vast volume of the information in no time. The employees have to perform the least searching to look for any information they require. Thus consuming time in the transcription of what the customers have to say, they need to listen and thereby provide proper customer service. Additionally, the AI-powered guidance helps in the constant responses irrespective of how the experienced agents are. Once the large volume of the data is collected, they can train the AI tool based on the conversations, thereby leading to maximum work in less time.

Also, as per the research, with the coming times, the AI will take over many businesses as it will be improvised to serve people’s life for their betterment and bring maximum benefit to the various organizations.

Hence, the coming times of AI look much more promising with the increased voice-enabled systems used in areas like smart connected homes, navigations, smart workplaces, and various customer support centers. Voice search has surely been critical with time. Various top brands are now moving towards the touchpoints, which are transforming to the listening points and the organic search as the voice search is increasing in popularity the various advertising agencies and the business are looking forward to Google and Amazon to open platforms to various paid messages. 

Text messages have taken over voice communications, and AI is the best way to bring into function the Voice strategy. Undoubtedly, AI is taking Voice beyond Telephony, and there is a lot more to happen shortly! Stay Tuned!