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From Strategy to Implementation – Planning an AI-First Company

Summary:  Our recent series of articles on AI strategies shows the options available for the strategic direction of your AI-first company.  Here are some thoughts on moving from strategy to implementation, including some useful tools to help in planning.

From Strategy to Implementation – Planning an AI-First CompanyHope you’ve been following our latest series of articles describing and comparing the four major strategies for AI-first companies.  Now that you’re better equipped to pick a strategy, we offer a few thoughts on moving from strategy to implementation.

To start with, we need to clarify what we mean by AI-first companies.  The confusion as usual comes from what exactly you mean by AI.

My favorite quote on this topic:

     If you’re talking to a customer it’s AI.

     If you’re talking to a VC it’s ML.

     If you’re talking to a data scientist it’s statistics.

That about summarizes the lack of clarity around the topic.  Basically it depends on who you’re talking to.  Personally, when I’m talking to a professional audience of data scientists I go for the more restrictive (and accurate) definition that AI is a subset of ML, the set of techniques based on deep learning and reinforcement learning.

But to make this particular article a little more accessible to the entrepreneurs who may be considering AI-first startups, I’m going to make an exception and use the broader definition (credit Louis Dorard for this particular formulation).

Read full article by Bill Vorhies, here.

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