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Free Book: Deep Learning and Computer Vision with CNNs

By Dan Howarth and Ajit Jaokar, October 2019. 58 pages. CNN stands for Convolutional Neural Networks. Part 1 will introduce the core concepts of Deep Learning. We will also start coding straightaway with Tensorflow 2.0. In part 2, we use another dataset – the mnist dataset – to build on our knowledge. In particular, we will:

  • Introduce Computer Vision
  • Introduce convolutional layers into our models
  • Introduce the concept of regularisation
  • Introduce the validation set in training our model
  • Introduce how to save and reuse our model



Part 1: Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2.0 

1. Introduction to the Notebooks 

2. Introduction to this Notebook 

  • Loading the Libraries 
  • Introduction to our problem 

3. Deep Learning Conceptual Introduction 

4. Data 

5. Model 

6. Training the Model 

7. Evaluation and Inference 

  • Plotting our results 
  • Making a prediction on a single image 

8. Summary 

9. Exercise 

Part 2: Computer Vision with CNNs 

1. Introduction to this Notebook 

  • Load Libraries 
  • Loading our Data 

2.  Data: Introduction to Computer Vision 

3. Model Building 

4. Training 

  • Saving Models 
  • Saving and Loading Weights Only 
  • Saving and Loading an entire model 

5. Evaluation and Inference 

6. Summary 

7. Exercises 

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