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DSC Weekly 7 November 2023


  • Containerization is an effective way to develop and deploy applications, but they can quickly become unwieldy without the proper orchestration and management. To avoid canceling out containers many benefits, companies must stay on top of orchestration products and best practices to secure and monitor container management. Tune into the Containers in the Enterprise virtual summit to hear leading experts explore top tools to orchestrate and automate containers as well as general best practices for working with and managing containers.
  • Companies face growing obstacles connecting their employees with so many workers now based in multiple locations. The right collaboration solutions are essential to ensure the workforce is engaged and productive. New features enhance the existing options on the market, but buyers must approach their collaboration strategy attuned to what they need in a UCaaS or CPaaS platform. Tune into the Unified Comms for the Future Workforce summit to learn more about the array of emerging collaboration applications on the market to better connect your workforce. 

Top Stories

  • Regulatory Capture: Why AI regulation favours the incumbents
    November 7, 2023
    by ajitjaokar
    We are seeing a flurry of regulation, but we should ask ourselves if we are seeing regulatory capture — ie letting corporations write lax rules that lead to public harm. Andrew Ng points out some contradictions, “It’s also a mistake to set reporting requirements based on a computation threshold for model training.”
  • Edge AI’s next phase
    November 7, 2023
    by Alan Morrison
    A podcast with Fabrizio del Maffeo of Axelera AI As CEO and Co-founder of Axelera AI, Fabrizio del Maffeo is focused on harnessing the potential of the fifth generation of RISC (reduced instruction set computing) platforms in edge AI applications. Axelera announced early availability of its in-memory Metis AI platform in September 2023.
  • Your Data-to-Value Journey Starts with AI and Data Literacy
    November 4, 2023
    by Bill Schmarzo
    79.8% of organizations cite cultural barriers to data adoption, yet AI and data literacy rank at only 1.6% in the CDO’s list of priorities. I find the research from New Vantage Partners, headed by industry legends Tom Davenport and Randy Bean, incredibly valuable. 


  • Artificial Intelligence: Making waves in the stock market
    November 7, 2023
    by Roger Brown
    Stock trading is an industry that has greatly benefited from artificial intelligence (AI). AI algorithms in stock trading have enabled traders to make better decisions and enhance their trading strategies leading to increased profits and reduced risks. AI algorithms utilize machine learning to analyze large quantities of financial data including historical stock prices.
  • Andrew Ng for President?
    November 7, 2023
    by ajitjaokar
    We are seeing a bunch of AI regulatory announcements from both sides of the Atlantic. President Biden with his executive order on safe, secure, and trustworthy AI and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on his AI safety summit (which is a closed-door event). Both these initiatives are dominated by a specific view.
  • From knowledge graph discussion group to think tank
    November 3, 2023
    by Alan Morrison
    For several years now, I’ve helped to organize and moderate a discussion forum focused on knowledge graphs, knowledge modeling and related topics. The group began as an effort to help each other build personal knowledge graphs. 
  • DSC Weekly 31 October 2023
    October 31, 2023
    by Scott Thompson
    Read more of the top articles from the Data Science Central community.
  • Data engineering career guide
    October 31, 2023
    by Dr. Andy Drotos
    From ensuring that mobile apps function smoothly to facilitating personalized recommendations and targeted ads, data engineering powers the digital experiences that have become part of many of our day-to-day lives. There is currently a major need for knowledgeable and skilled professionals to fill open data engineer roles.