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DSC Weekly 29 March 2023 – New Books and Courses Explore Synthetic Data, ML Strategies


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New Books and Courses Explore Synthetic Data, ML Strategies

MLtechniques released two new books recently. The first one, version 4.1 now, deals with synthetic data. This updated version includes a chapter on GAN (generative adversarial networks), with a comparison to more traditional methods such as copulas. Applied to real-life datasets, the author discusses the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. As always, the two methods can be blended for optimal performance.

The second book is an introduction to chaotic dynamical systems, with applications to security and strong, fast random number generators based on irrational numbers, a novelty in this field. These systems are popular in fintech, physics and social sciences. But they are under-used by machine learning professionals. The material is presented in a style and format ideal for ML practitioners, with plenty of Python code.

In addition to the books, I recently designed a synthetic data course. In the process of designing the course, I produced my first Jupyter notebook. I will share my experience with notebooks, along with Google Colab, in my upcoming Data Science Central article. I will provide my advice and opinion on this type of tool, and when they can be useful.

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DSC Weekly 29 March 2023 – New Books and Courses Explore Synthetic Data, ML Strategies