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DSC Weekly 29 August 2023


  • Organizations have been ramping up their cloud adoption and expanding their digital infrastructures, but often without much concern for the environmental impact of these operations. Balancing the need for substantial data infrastructure with more eco-friendly policies should be top of all organizational to-do lists, and creating a specific data center decarbonization strategy will be key. This will range from improving the visibility and measurement of power usage, to actually reducing the carbon footprint of each operational layer. In the upcoming webinar Decarbonizing the Data Center: Making Data Modernization More Sustainable, panelists from Cisco and Hitachi Vantara will discuss the changing attitude to data center sustainability and cloud carbon emissions, the importance of understanding your energy consumption baseline, and much more.
  • Managing the supply chain is exceedingly difficult with global conflicts and market ups and downs interfering with companies’ ability to timely deliver and fulfil orders. Tune into the Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges summit to hear leading experts discuss emerging technologies to help protect and streamline supply chain management along with strategies and tools to secure the supply chain against the many cyber threats it faces. Register for free and gain access to live webinars, fireside chats and keynote presentations from the world’s leading supply chain innovators, vendors and evangelists.

Top Stories

  • Generative AI megatrends: The four horsemen of Generative AI
    August 29, 2023
    by ajitjaokar
    In the early days of the Internet, there were four ‘horsemen’ of the Internet With IBM’s 4.5 billion investment in Hugging face today, the generative AI landscape is becoming a bit clearer. There are four Generative AI leaders emerging – others lagging – and one unknown.
  • Using AI technologies for effective document processing
    August 25, 2023
    by Anastasia Molodoria
    Ever-growing volumes of unstructured data stored in countless document formats significantly complicate data processing and timely access to relevant information for organizations. Without proper optimization of data management workflows, it’s difficult to talk about business growth and scaling. That is why progressive companies opt for intelligent document processing powered by artificial intelligence. 
  • Empowering cyber guardians: How AI is changing the landscape of protection
    August 28, 2023
    by Anas Baig
    In the ever-evolving battle against the digital dark forces, the defenders of the virtual realm find themselves facing a barrage of ever-advancing threats. From the labyrinthine corridors of the Deep Web to the stealthy maneuvers of nation-state actors, the cyber landscape is as treacherous as it is vast.


  • Data migration redefined: Leveraging AI trends for smooth workspace transitions
    August 29, 2023
    by Anas Baig
    In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the art of seamless data migration has evolved into a strategic imperative. As you navigate the intricacies of workspace transformations, you’re met with a complex interplay of technological advancements and operational demands.
  • The future of shipping: How technology is shaping logistics and fulfillment
    August 29, 2023
    by Ovais Naseem
    Currently, the use of technology in shipping and logistics is leading the industry through a transformative era, driven by rapid technological advancements, undoubtedly marking a pivotal moment in the digital shipping evolution. From automating routine processes to employing intelligent algorithms that predict and optimize routes, the technological revolution is redefining the way goods are transported.
  • The power of digital solutions: How mental health apps are transforming patient care
    August 29, 2023
    by Ahana Pearl
    There seems to be an app for everything, and mental health is no exception. According to a report, the global mental health apps market size was valued at $5.2 billion in 2022 and is predicted to reach $26.36 billion by 2032, at a CAGR of 17.7% during the forecast period. 
  • Modern data exchange methods: Exploring the strengths and limitations of leading protocols
    August 29, 2023
    by Ovais Naseem
    In our rapidly digitizing world, how businesses and systems communicate is paramount. The bedrock of this communication lies in data exchange methods, which allow seamless information flow, driving operational efficiencies and enabling innovation. Over the years, various data exchange protocols have emerged, each boasting unique strengths and presenting challenges.
  • Roadmap for building a data-driven, AI-powered supply-chain
    August 29, 2023
    by Krishna Pera
    History & Evolution | The Concept of Supply-chain Network, The TOC & the Information Supply-chain | Imagining the future: Supply-chain 5.0 | Supply-chain Analytics Strategy | Roadmap for Building a Data-driven, AI-Powered Supply-chain Part 1: Data-driven supply chain – History & evolution Is the concept of data driving decisions new?
  • Data visualization: The underrated skill in business analytics
    August 25, 2023
    by Erika Balla
    In an age where data has become the lifeblood of businesses, deciphering this raw data to yield actionable insights is critical. Here is where the role of business analytics comes into play.
  • DSC Weekly 22 August 2023
    August 22, 2023
    by Scott Thompson
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