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DSC Weekly 26 March 2024


  • TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group conducted a survey of IT/DevOps pros and app developers responsible for their organizations’ application infrastructure and found that 63% have modernized their approach to IT service management (ITSM) strategy. The era of the traditional help desk model is a thing of the past, but what does the future of ITSM look like? Attend the upcoming Future of ITSM summit to discover the latest IT service management trends and technologies, including insight into AI-driven service management, cloud ITSM solutions, and IT-style automated workflows for non-IT departments.
  • In today’s constantly evolving digital landscape, networks are the backbone of modern enterprises. The need to prepare for potential network failures by instilling resilience and redundancy is more pressing than ever. Designing a stable, flexible and secure network infrastructure, with real-time visibility across assets and users is critical to maintaining reliability. Tune into the upcoming Strategies for a Resilient Network summit and discover strategies to design an agile, data-driven network that optimizes visibility, enhances DNS management and minimizes disruptions.

Top Stories

  • 7 GenAI & ML Concepts Explained in 1-Min Data Videos
    March 22, 2024
    by Vincent Granville
    Not your typical videos: it’s not someone talking, it’s the data itself that “talks”. More precisely, data animations that serve as 60-seconds tutorials. I selected them among those that I created in Python and posted on YouTube. Each frame represents a new data or training set (real or synthetic), a different model in a particular family, different parameters or hyperparameters, or a new iteration in some evolving system. The videos consist of hundreds of frames, with between 4 and 20 frames per second. For detailed explanations and Python code, see “source” below each video.
  • Open Letter to Peru: Control Your AI Future!
    March 25, 2024
    by Bill Schmarzo
    I spent a fabulous week in Peru, keynoting the 2024 Data & AI Summit, lecturing at the University of Technology and Engineering (UTEC), and meeting many marvelous folks curious to learn about the role that AI can play in their personal and professional lives.
  • Breaking barriers: How generative AI is reshaping the data analytics landscape
    March 23, 2024
    by Pritesh Patel
    In today’s corporate market, firms must constantly seek new methods to leverage technological breakthroughs to stay ahead of the curve. Generative AI is a prominent field that has expanded rapidly in recent years. Gartner predicts that by 2026, more than 80% of organizations will use Generative AI APIs, models, or apps, up from less than 5% in 2023. Generative AI has caused a paradigm change in data analytics and related applications. With just a few prompt words, you can receive responses in text, image, audio, or any other format you like.


  • Navigating the IoT Landscape: The Role of Data Mapping in IoT Ecosystems
    March 26, 2024
    by Ovais Naseem
    The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized how devices communicate and interact, generating massive amounts of data. As IoT ecosystems continue to expand, the need for efficient data management becomes paramount. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the significance of data mapping in IoT environments.
  • Decoding AI success: The complete data labeling guide
    March 25, 2024
    by John Lee
    Data labeling is crucial to machine learning model training in AI development. AI algorithms learn to recognize patterns, predict, and perform tasks from accurately labeled data. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore data labeling techniques, best practices, and AI project success factors. We’ve heard a lot about AI in the past decade.
  • Digital transformation in finance: Challenges and benefits
    March 25, 2024
    by Manoj Kumar
    Digital transformation is no longer a choice, but a necessity for financial institutions looking to stay competitive in the ultramodern business world. From perfecting client experience to adding functional effectiveness and enhancing security, the benefits in finance are multitudinous. Still, with benefits come challenges and pitfalls that must be addressed to insure successful perpetration.
  • Navigating the complex landscape of API ecosystems
    March 25, 2024
    by Ovais Naseem
    In today’s tech landscape, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are indispensable for software interaction. Beyond individual APIs lies a more complex system: the API ecosystem. This ecosystem, a network of interlinked APIs, is integral to modern digital infrastructures. For professionals in data and technology fields, navigating this ecosystem is not just about understanding individual APIs, but grasping the entirety of their interactions, dependencies, and impacts on digital operations. 
  • DSC Weekly 19 March 2024
    March 19, 2024
    by Scott Thompson
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