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DSC Weekly 25 June 2024


  • The current threat landscape is vast, forcing companies to detect and respond to increasingly sophisticated attacks that cause significant damage. With the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, experts are concerned threat actors will weaponize evolving technology for devastating attacks on businesses across the world. The supply chain remains a vulnerable target for attack due to the volume of information being transferred and the third parties involved. Cyber warfare is projected to threaten even more organizations, with nation state attacks making up a growing portion of threats. With all these risks circulated in cyber space, how can companies implement a solid detection and response program that keeps up? Register for the free Enabling Effective Threat Detection and Response summit to learn expert detection and response strategies to safeguard your enterprise from cyber threats.
  • In a world where data is both the lifeblood and a potential liability, staying ahead of data protection trends is vital. The exponential growth of data breaches and cyberattacks, coupled with ever-evolving regulations, demands a proactive data protection strategy. Join the upcoming Data Protection Strategies and Trends summit to discover how to safeguard sensitive information, comply with changing laws, and embrace emerging technologies while building trust with customers. Join us to explore encryption, compliance, transparency, and much more to help navigate the new of era data protection.

Top Stories

  • The Short Lifecycle of Tech Careers
    June 23, 2024
    by Vincent Granville
    It is no secret that when you turn 40, finding a new tech job or avoiding layoffs, becomes a challenge. In this article, I discuss how to prepare for this, and what to do when you get older. Somehow, a tech career has some similarities to professional football players: a few select become millionaire at a young age, many will never make money in tech despite their education, and with few exceptions, you are deemed unfit to play in the field when you turn 40.
  • Talking to a CDO?  Think Like an Economist
    June 22, 2024
    by Bill Schmarzo
    The Chief Data Officer (CDO) role has evolved significantly over the past five to seven years. It has transitioned from a CIO Mini-me, focused on managing data infrastructure, to a business executive tasked with deriving value from the organization’s data. Senior management now recognizes the potential of data to optimize operations, mitigate risks, generate new revenue streams, and create a more compelling, differentiated customer experience.
  • Computing: Where should AI safety for superintelligence and AGI start?
    June 24, 2024
    by David Stephen
    It is unlikely that AI safety for superintelligence and artificial general intelligence could be achieved directly without a track from current risks. Already, there are minute fractions of predicted existential threats of AGI that provide a map towards preparing for the unknowns, ahead. AI is a dynamic non-living thing.


    • 8 ways that AI has changed data science forever
      June 24, 2024
      by Anas Baig
      In an era where data is worth more than gold, data scientists are on the cutting edge of business development. But now, a new player has joined the data science game, and its name is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many in this field wonder how AI will influence their industries, roles, and day-to-day operations.
    • How behavioral biometrics reduces online banking fraud
      June 20, 2024
      by Zachary Amos
      Online banking fraud’s severity and frequency continuously increase, causing staggering financial losses each year. Now that artificial intelligence is in hackers’ hands, traditional security measures aren’t cutting it. Can behavioral biometrics protect online bankers like you? What are behavioral biometrics? 
    • How to integrate ChatGPT into your app
      June 19, 2024
      by Erika Balla
      In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, integrating AI-powered chat solutions into your applications can significantly enhance user experience and engagement. OpenAI’s ChatGPT, known for its conversational abilities and advanced language understanding, is an excellent choice for developers looking to implement intelligent chat features in their apps.
    • Significance of AI in the development of software products
      June 19, 2024
      by Ryan Williamson
      Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as a formidable force, revolutionizing how we conceive, create, and deliver software solutions. As technology advances at an unprecedented pace, the role of AI in this domain has become increasingly significant. It’s no longer just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental tool that promises to reshape the entire software development process.
    • DSC Weekly 18 June 2024
      June 18, 2024
      by Scott Thompson
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