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DSC Weekly 14 February 2023 – The AI Wars


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DSC Weekly 14 February 2023 – The AI Wars

The AI Wars

The stable release of OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, over two weeks ago saw nearly unanimous praise for its human-like chat capabilities and its natural-sounding responses to fairly complex inputs. The chatbot is raising ethical concerns over AI-generated written content, as its capabilities are far beyond the simple input and response of the chatbots consumers are familiar with in entertainment, journalism, and academia. And yet, before the ethics discussion on a product like this has had time to develop, other major tech companies around the globe have announced their competitors.

On February 6, Google announced Bard as a competitor to ChatGPT with plans to release it within weeks. With Google having its roots dug into a variety of fields, they may have plans to integrate Bard into a number of its existing products. These efforts have scaled back since the original announcement, but with no official word from Google, there is only speculation on how the tech will be available to consumers.

China’s Google alternative Baidu similarly announced Wenxin Yiyan (or Ernie Bot in English) as a competitor to both services as neither of them are available in China. That’s not all: Naver in South Korea and Yandex in Russia have both announced their own entries into the ChatGTP competitor sphere, both scheduled for release by the end of the year.

What does this mean for OpenAI? We don’t know yet. Bard is still in limited testing and, despite having Google’s backing, doesn’t have the name recognition of ChatGPT’s viral fame after it exploded into every corner of the internet in the last few months. Some people are piecing together warning signs that some writings may be AI-generated, but when there are five or more competing algorithms with their own knowledge base, how can anyone be sure?

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DSC Weekly 14 February 2023 – The AI Wars