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DSC Weekly 12 March 2024


  • Data loss is an inescapable reality in the digital business world. Data backup techniques are conceptually simple, but implementing a robust disaster recovery plan that both protects data from cyberattacks and maintains business continuity during a breach can be difficult. Register for the free Advancing Data Backup Tools and Techniques summit to gain insights from leading experts on the future of data backup solutions to help design a disaster recovery plan that protects your most critical data and mitigates the effects of attacks when they do occur.
  • The cloud ecosystem is larger, more complex and interdependent than ever. As organizations increasingly migrate their data and assets to the cloud, attacks that attempt to break through its growing attack surface are getting more sophisticated. Cloud security strategies are necessary for proper user and device authentication, resource access control and data privacy to ensure that the cloud system remains impenetrable to cyberattacks. Attend the Securing the Cloud Ecosystem summit to hear leading experts discuss effective strategies to secure identity and access management as well as the leading tools and approaches that best secure the extensive cloud ecosystem from insidious attacks.

Top Stories

  • Embodied AI: Would LLMs and robots surpass the human brain?
    March 12, 2024
    by David Stephen
    It is the International Brain Awareness Week for 2024, with events across institutes, globally, from March 11 – 17. This week is a good time to explore the pedestal of the brain, against the astounding rise of machines. AI embodiment was recently featured in Scientific American, AI Chatbot Brains Are Going Inside Robot Bodies.
  • Creating an AI Utility Function: A Classroom Exercise
    March 10, 2024
    by Bill Schmarzo
    During a recent discussion with high school juniors and seniors, my goal was to enhance their awareness and understanding of Big (intrusive) Data and AI by focusing on two main areas. The bottom line is that I wanted to turn them into citizens of data science.
  • How AI is transforming marketing strategies in 2024
    March 6, 2024
    by Pritesh Patel
    As we approach 2024, no brand or customer remains unaffected by AI. Our interactions in the marketplace have altered as a result. It has changed how we communicate. in particular, branding. The curiosity about artificial intelligence’s seemingly limitless possibilities grows constantly as it gathers more data to sharpen its intelligence.


  • API management tools in facilitating digital transformation
    March 11, 2024
    by Ovais Naseem
    Digital transformation represents a crucial pivot in today’s business world, marking the transition from traditional practices to a more integrated, data-driven approach. API (Application Programming Interface) management tools are central to this transformation, which serve as the backbone for modernizing operations, enriching customer experiences, and catalyzing innovation.
  • How to improve your artificial intelligence job prospects
    March 8, 2024
    by Aileen Scott
    Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest technological waves that has hit the world of technology. According to The Enterprisers Project, AI will be offering about 133 million new jobs in the coming years. Dun & Bradstreet also stated that 40 percent of the respondent organizations are offering more jobs because of implementing artificial intelligence.
  • Decoding RAG: Exploring its significance in the realm of generative AI
    March 8, 2024
    by Erika Balla
    In the intricate landscape of Conversational AI, Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) emerges as a technical marvel, seamlessly merging the strengths of generative and retrieval models. At its core, RAG tackles the challenge of precision in responses by introducing a dynamic knowledge retrieval component. In this technical exploration, we delve into the underpinnings of RAG.
  • Navigating the horizon: Exploring the future of data
    March 7, 2024
    by Ovais Naseem
    In the digital universe, data reigns supreme. From the early days of punch cards to the current era of cloud computing, the evolution of data has been nothing short of remarkable. Today, as we stand on the cusp of exploring the future of data, it’s crucial to understand its trajectory and the profound impact.
  • DSC Weekly 5 March 2024
    March 5, 2024
    by Scott Thompson
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