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How to improve your artificial intelligence job prospects

  • Aileen Scott 
How to Improve Your Artificial Intelligence Job Prospects?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest technological waves that has hit the world of technology. According to The Enterprisers Project, AI will be offering about 133 million new jobs in the coming years. Dun & Bradstreet also stated that 40 percent of the respondent organizations are offering more jobs because of implementing artificial intelligence technology. With the growing demand for artificial intelligence, several individuals are considering artificial intelligence career option.  

Essential steps to boost your AI job prospects 

Step 1 

One of the essential requirements for an individual, who is looking for a career in the field of AI must good at numbers, i.e. they should polish their math skills. This will help in writing better code.  

Step 2 

One must strengthen their basics, on the following concepts that play an important part in this field.  

  • Linear algebra, probability, and statistics  

Mathematics is an integral part of AI. And if an individual wants to make a growing career in it, then they must have good knowledge of these basic concepts. They are vectors, matrices, statistics, and dimensionality. Probability concepts like Bayes Theorem. 

  • Programming languages  

An individual should be learning programming languages because they play a prominent role in AI. One can enroll in an artificial intelligence certification to learn programming languages. There are several programming languages, an individual should well-versed at least one among the following: 

  • Python 
  • Java 
  • Data structures 

Enhance the way to solve problems involving data, create an analysis of data more accurately so one can build their own systems with minimum errors. Learning the various parts of programming languages will be fruitful in getting an understanding of data structures like stacks, linked lists, dictionaries, and many more. 

  • Regression  

Regression is highly useful for predictions making in real-time applications. It is very crucial to have a good understanding of the concepts of regression.  

  • Machine learning models 

Gain knowledge on the various ML concepts such as Decision trees, Random Forests, KNN, SVM, etc. Learn the ways to apply these by acquiring knowledge of the algorithms as they are quite useful in solving the problems. 

Step 3 

If an individual wants to enhance their artificial intelligence career, then they must learn more in-depth concepts, which are a complex part of AI. If one masters these concepts, then they can excel in their career.  

  • Neural networks 

It is a computer system modeled on the human brain and nervous system, which works by incorporating data through an algorithm it is developed on. The concepts of neural networks are the foundations for developing AI machines, it is better to have a deep understanding of its functionalities.  

There are different types of neural networks, which are used in various ways. A few of the common neural networks are: 

  • Perceptron 
  • Multilayer perceptrons 
  • Recurrent neural network 
  • Sequence to sequence model 
  • Convolutional neural network 
  • Feed forward neural network 
  • Modular neural network 
  • Radial basis functional neural network 
  • Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)  
  • Domains of AI 

After gaining knowledge about the concepts and various types of neural networks, learn about the different applications of it, and start building one’s own applications. Every application in the AI field demands a different approach, and it is very tough to master all the fields of AI. Start with a specific domain, and then proceed further to the other domains. 

  • Big data 

Though it is not considered an essential aspect for gaining expertise in AI, understanding the basic concepts of big data will be quite helpful mainly to climb up the AI career ladder. 

Step 4 

Boost your expertise in the AI space by mastering the following aspects: 

  • Optimization techniques 

By learning optimization of algorithms is very useful to maximize or minimize the error function. These functions are based on the models internal learnable parameters that play a crucial role in the accuracy and efficiency of results. Learning this will be useful to implement optimization techniques and algorithms to model parameters that are useful to acquire optimum values and accuracy of such parameters.  

  • Publish research papers  

One of the best ways to establish one’s own credibility in the field of artificial intelligence is by going a step ahead by reading research papers in this field and publishing research papers. Begin your own research and understand the cases that are developing.  

  • Develop algorithms 

After completing the process of learning and research, begin working on building algorithms. You might bring a new revolution with the knowledge you have.  


Undoubtedly, mastering AI concepts can be a difficult task. But one can achieve it with hard work, continuous practice, consistency and doing the right kind of Ai certification that ensures knowledge based on the current industry standards.