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Digital marketing trends: Customer experience is bigger than ever

Digital marketing is essential for any and all businesses regardless of whether you are an e-commerce business or a brick-and-mortar business. In everything you do with digital marketing is it also essential that you provide an exceptional customer experience, or rather to focus on experience digital marketing. If you dedicate your efforts in these marketing areas, your business will reap the rewards of long-term sustainability through customer loyalty.


B2B and B2C


It is important that you do not forget that many different types of customers exist. You have both business-to-business (B2B) customers and business-to-consumer (B2C) customers. Regardless of whether your end user is a business or an individual, you must provide a unique experience to retain their business and maximize their customer satisfaction. In the past, the primary focus was on B2C marketing, however this is changing and B2B customers have growing expectations for being wooed with exceptional digital marketing campaigns.


Customer Service

The importance of customer service has returned with a vengeance. If you are not placing emphasis on customer service you are going to lose business quickly. Customer service can equate to anything that is deemed critical by your customers. This might be speaking with an actual person when they call in to resolve an issue. This might also be paying for shipping for any returned item. Or, this might also mean creating a customer loyalty program for everyone who shops online with great frequency. You must determine what is valuable to your customers and clients.


Give Back


Today’s consumer places far more importance on the type of businesses from which they make purchases. This means that part of the user experience is that they know they are supporting a business that is socially responsible. However, giving back is more than simply creating community outreach programs and recycling. Many successful digital campaigns are giving back to their customers. One of the fastest and most successful ways to grow your online presence is to regularly promote contests and giveaways. Let your customers know you care about them, the environment and the community and you will develop a deeper relationship that results in loyalty.


Mobile Marketing


One of your biggest priorities with your digital marketing should be to create a top mobile marketing strategy. Smartphones are becoming an increasingly critical component to the way of life today. You must ensure that your website is mobile friendly and that you are creating mobile marketing campaigns on social media platforms that are primarily accessed by smartphones rather than computers.


Outside the Box

To set yourself apart from your competition, it is essential that you provide a customer experience that is unlike all the others. One example of such experiences is to provide close captioning services such as by providing closed captioning for the hearing impaired or to translate from one language to another. Do not be afraid to get creative. If a marketing campaign fails, use your analytics to determine the reasons for the failure, improve upon it and try again.


Video Marketing

Video marketing should also be at the forefront of your digital marketing strategy. More and more consumers today are influenced by and interested in videos far more than other types of marketing or media. You should determine which video platforms your target audience uses and begin to create and repost videos that will add value to the lives of your audience. You might also encourage your consumers to post their own videos using your products or services as a contest to increase engagement and reach.

Digital marketing and experience marketing are essential components to a successful business today. Whether you are a B2B or a B2C, you must have a strategy in place to make your customers feel special and to stay ahead of your competition. A good place to start is to take the time to find out the priorities and interests of your customers before you create your digital marketing strategy for success.