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Data Scientist's Book of Quotes

Insights and Advice from Data Science Leaders and Key Influencers. Paperback – July 13, 2018. By Matt Corey.

The Data Scientist’s Book of Quotes includes over 300 insightful and inspiring quotes from the world’s leading Data Science thought leaders and key influencers across the world, including Andrew Ng, Bernard Marr, Vincent Granville, Carla Gentry, Cathy O’Neil and Hilary Mason. The Data Scientist role is one of the most pivotal and disruptive roles in today’s global marketplace, that is, and will be transforming and revolutionizing our business and societal DNA to unrecognizable proportions.


The role requires a unique set of hybrid skills, abilities and tools in the areas of mathematics and statistics, computer programming and coding (including databases and visualization), business and industry knowledge, and being a solid and convincing communicator. In many cases, he/she may be the key driver and flagbearer of creating a data-driven culture of accepting and adapting change to further the organisation’s growth potential.

This book offers Data Scientists and Data Science professionals – through its contributors – valued insights and essential facts and advice on better understanding the Data Scientist role and its significant importance to uncover and drive insights towards greater growth and innovation for the respective organisation and society as a whole. Topics include: · What is a Data Scientist? · Power and Potential of Data and Data Science · Potential Risks of Data · Challenges within Data · Machine Learning · Deep Learning · Artificial Intelligence · Data Ethics and Data Privacy · Future of Data · End of Chapter Exercises · Data Science – Book and Film Recommendations

About the Author

Matt Corey is the leader of Change Force, an exclusive Data Scientist Recruitment Practice. He is committed and passionate to helping organisations reach their growth potential through Data Scientists and their respective contributions to making a positive impact within the marketplace and society. He is available for talks and conferences on the subjects of Data Science, Data-Driven Culture and Organisation and the Attraction, Retention, Recruitment and Employee Integration of Data Scientists. Matt lives in London, United Kingdom and you can visit the company website at www.changeforceinc.com

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