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Big Data and Data Science Newsletter list to get you informed on anything “Data”

In a world where information is being shared in a high volume, velocity, variety and veracity having an idea what to read and manage to find good resources becomes very difficult.

For a busy person like you, I gathered some of the best curated resources/newstetters that can get you up to date on Big Data and Data Science.

Let’s get started.

Center for Data Innovation


The Center for Data Innovation is a non-profit research institute affiliated with the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. It is headed by Daniel Castro (“top 25 most influential people under 40 in government and tech” acc to FedScoop). I like their Reports and Visialization sections. They publish a a free weekly newsletter with news on data and data sicne, posts, events and showcase great data visualizations and interesting data sets ofr the past week.

Data Science Central


Data Science Central (DSC) is a thriving community of data scientists and data / big data experts and practitioners. There is a weekly digest newsletter curated by Dr. Vincent Granville with what’s new and hot from the DSC website.



A lot of information about Big Data. You may find intersting blog posts, books, job offers, tools, search tool for data related companies (like Blendo) and professionals.

  • Content: blog posts, books, job offers, tools, search tool for data related companies (like Blendo), professionals and more.
  • Newsletter: DataFloq
  • Links: DataFloq



Every Thurday you get a list of cherry picked data science post, videos, jobs, books, training and more. It is also interesting to read the Data Scientist Interview part of their website.



It is run by Rich Brueckner and Daniel Gutierrez it covers the latest Big Data updates in the market. Rich was recently named as one of the Top 20 Big Data Influencers by Forbes.



One of the best resources outhere and my favorite along with DSC. If you are into Data and Data Science then you should know KDnuggets, if not go there now. KDnuggets is managed by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, one of the leaders in the field. The newsletter comes out 3–4 times per month.

  • Content: big data news, software, training, events, jobs, competitions, publications, webcasts and more
  • Newsletter: KDnuggets News
  • Links: KDnuggets

NYU Center for Data Science


New York University has one of the best Data Science teams and research departments. They curate a weekly newsletter about academics, research and industry.



O’Reilly is the one stop shop in anything from software engineering to data. Their newletter you can find a hug amount of information about data and big data along with many events, opinions and offers.



This is not a newsletter but I always have it as a reference. The Data Science topic in Quora has a pretty active community answering questions and having discussions on various Data Science topics.

  • Content: Data Science and related questions / discussions
  • Newsletter: n/a (you need to register to the Quora topic)
  • Links: Quora Data Science



Confluent was founded by the team that built Kafka. Their blog is more technical and Kafka oriented but if you are into it then register to it.



When we started working on our blog we wanted to write stuff that will help the data analyst, data scientist or anyone with the “data” hat to work better with his company data.

We have the Blendo Data Monthly Digests and we write stuff like: How to access your data in Amazon Redshift and PostgreSQL with Pyth…, orHow to Transform Customer Experience by Tracking your custom Custom…Statistics for Business Analytics 101: Hypothesis Testing, orThe ultimate list of Custom Dashboards and BI tools to Track your M….

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