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Are you data driven or "almost"?

Data is the new black, so it not surprising most companies claim that they are data driven.

But are you really? Let’s take a short quiz, add a point for each that applies

  1. You know your users’ average LTV (Lifetime Value), and outliers
  2. User behavior: You know and understand the most common 3-5 user flows in your system
  3. You’ve got an analytics / BI tool and you use it well (be honest here!)
  4. Your product team is making decisions based on experiments and/ or A/B testing
  5. You’ve got an analyst team (well, at least one), or at least 15% of the effort in man hours of the employees is devoted to number crunching or some sort of analysis (accounting isn’t analysis….)
  6. Segmentation: You’ve segmented your users to at least 3-5 different segments
  7. Whales / high payers / VIP users: (VIPs)
    • B2C: You know how your VIPs behave, their pain points, and even some of them by name (applies only if you’ve got more than 10K users…), you also know what percentage they comprise out of your total revenues
    • B2B: You’ve got a forecast of revenues per VIP, and all their data is in a special report (no. of orders, actions, CRM touchpoints, complaints etc.)
  8. You know the marketing and user acquisition costs per user
  9. Your CRM / retention efforts are priced and checked for ROI
  10. You have targets for each and everyone on your team / company

Data driven

Please feel free comment with your score – I’d love to hear how much you got, also feel free to offer more questions to the quiz!

Originally published on my site: eyaldror.com

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