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5 Reasons Apache Spark is So Awesome

Those who follow big data technology news probably know about Apache Spark, and how it’s popularly known as the Hadoop Swiss Army Knife. For those not so familiar, Spark is a cluster computing framework for data analytics designed to speed up and simplify common data-crunching and analytics tasks. Spark is certainly creating buzz in the big data world, but why? What’s so special about this framework?

  • Spark is Speedy
  • Data Scientists Love Spark
  • Spark Effectively Handles Workloads
  • Soaring Demand for Spark Professionals
  • IoT Fits Right in

Enterprises are increasingly adopting Spark for many reasons, ranging from speed and efficiency, to analytics versatility, development familiarity, ease of use and a single integrated system for all data pipelines. Spark has established considerable momentum today across many verticals, and we can only expect to see it grow in 2016.

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