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Your eCommerce Pros Can Easily Use Augmented Analytics


eCommerce and online shopping businesses employ professionals in many roles including sales managers, marketing professionals, social media experts, product and service professionals and others. Together, every role in a business is designed to create a team that will ensure business success and, with eCommerce exploding, it is easy to think that the right people can get the job done.

But, there is another component to success, especially today. Given the competitive environment and market with thousands of eCommerce sites and apps, it is imperative that the business have a measurable, fact-based view of results and enable its team members (no matter their role) to access tools and solutions that will give them the information they need to succeed, to improve results, to come up with new ideas for products and services, to target customers appropriately, to bundle products, to shift pricing and marketing approaches and more!

But, eCommerce business users do not have the time or the inclination to adopt new technology and software. They are often overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities so, making it easier for them to understand and analyze results is crucial. An augmented analytics solution that integrates with an eCommerce solution like Shopify can provide pre-built templates, reports, KPIs and in-depth analysis of customer lifetime value, customer cohorts, trends, sales results and other important aspects of eCommerce business.

It is easy to implement analytical capability using a solution that integrates Shopify with augmented analytics, and provide your users and business a meaningful way to compete and succeed.

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