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Why Is Database Backup Testing Important For Your Business

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Data is the lifeline of every business, and it is invaluable for your past, present, and future business decisions. Irrespective of the size of your organization you need the data management and handling. Data analytics plays a crucial role in gaining the strategic edge in the market for small- and large-scale businesses. 

With data being of paramount significance to your business, it should be protected at all costs. This is why DBA specialists emphasize the need to test database backups frequently. It is a pivotal process for every business, and as a business owner, you must ensure that you do not lose critical business data due to-.

  1. Malicious attacks 
  2. Accidental data deletion 
  3. Software bugs 
  4. Breach in cloud security 
  5. Failure in hardware 

Any one of the above situations will render your data unusable for the business. The fate of your company will rely on the data backup system of your organization. This is why you should regularly test this database backup system to ensure that it works perfectly and accurately regardless of any situation or event. 

Identify the risks of not taking regular tests of your database backup systems. 

Let us take, for example, that the same IT team that installed your database infrastructure made the backup, restore, and data recovery process. Your database infrastructure has never faced any issues, and so you are convinced the same is true for the database backup system too. 

Experienced DBAs in database administration and management state the above thought is a flawed logic on your part. If you do not even test the database backup system regularly and restore it, you will never come to know whether- 

  1. The database backup system works when needed.
  2. The duration of time it will take for the database system to get restored to functioning order. 
  3. The nature of bugs that might surface during the database backup process and how you can fix them with ease

The next question that comes to your mind is what a good database backup strategy should be?

When it comes to a good database backup strategy, you will find that its actual steps will differ as per your company. The needs of two businesses are never the same, and so the best practices for database backup testing will not apply universally. However, companies can embrace some general tips when it comes to their data backup systems. 

Specialists from esteemed database management and administration company, RemoteDBA.com recommend that all the database backup testing procedures be automated so that human resources in the company are not taken away from their core business functions’ day-to-day tasks. The automated processes that the company chooses should include data backup and restore the testing process to-. 

  1. Virtual machines 
  2. Databases 
  3. Applications, and 
  4. Individual files 

Once the above database backup testing process is completed, the previous items mentioned should also have automated tests conducted against them to ensure that the data appears in the way it should. 

How regularly should a business take a database backup testing? 

Honestly, to be perfect, skilled DBAs suggest that you run a database backup and recovery test every time your database system has finished a backup; however, this is hardly practical as every business has its share of time constraints and limited resources, especially for small companies. 

It is all said and done; it is expected that backup testing procedures should take place regularly to ensure the process works and can manage more data as the business expands. 

You need to have a dedicated schedule for database backup practices in your organization. You must cover the testing procedure to every place where your data is located, and this needs to be done on a weekly or at least monthly basis. The schedule should never waiver. Suppose you effectively can automate the procedures for database backup. In that case, you can even run them during the weekend or even in the middle of the night when your staff and employees are not interacting with the whole system.

You must ensure and test that all your business data is intact. You should do the recovery testing in the event the worst takes place. Note, recovery testing is indispensable because it offers you a treasure of data on the duration of the system backup and how long it will be up and running in the event of any disaster. 

Small business owners should also be aware of the importance of taking regular database backups for their companies. Startups should know cybersecurity and data protection isn’t something that should be taken lightly. In case they do not have an IT expert or full-time DBA for the task, they can always rely on credible remote DBA services to do it for them. 

Mistakes to avert when you are taking database backups for your organization 

Make sure you avert certain mistakes when you are taking database backups for your company. Note, when you conduct your testing, the final result is crucial. With this, both timeliness and accuracy are important when you are conducting database backup and recovery testing. 

If the system in your organization takes about 48 hours to come back to complete functionality, this, of course, is not a feasible or a realistic time frame to satisfy your clients. It will earn you a bad reputation in the market. 

You should test the data across every application. If you find minor glitches that individual users need to fix, you should figure out what is causing these glitches and have them arrested before the next date of your database test run. In any database system that is as complex as your business, ensure these glitches do not stay for a long time. This means, in short, you need to be prepared to scrape off all the database backup, restore, and recovery plans that do not serve the goals of your organization. 

Therefore, in the above, you can ensure that the database backup system is regularly tested to cater to your business’s goals and needs without hassles at all!

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