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Where’s the Love – Trends in Data Science Career Opportunities

Summary:  The annual Burtch Works salary survey tells us a lot about which industries are using the most data scientists and the difference between higher and lower skilled data scientists.  Salary increases show us whether demand is increasing, and finally we take a shot at determining which skills are most in demand.

 What a difference a few years can make.  We used to say that everyone loves a data scientist – and wants to be one.  That’s still true.  But as data science has increasingly been adopted by businesses at all levels, industries, and geographies the nature of the opportunities available to data science have also changed.


Yes it’s still one of the most interesting and rewarding career choices you can make.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Where else can you create value out of previously unvalued data while basically predicting the future?  Of course I’m talking about what customers will do, what prices or values will be, or whether something is abnormal.  All the things we’re involved with on a day-to-day basis.

Read the full article here. For free books about machine learning and data science, follow this link

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