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What Is AI? | Artificial Intelligence For Beginners

Do you remember the first time that you saw R2D2 and C3P0 from Star Wars? These two robots exhibited human-like behavior as they interacted with people and the world around them. How about when the whole world was subject to machine control in The Matrix? That’s a pretty frightening concept. These movies, like many others, have their own depictions of what Artificial Intelligence looks like, and means to us as a society.

The term Artificial Intelligence has been popularized in books and movies to depict futuristic settings where machines take over the world, or live with us side by side as if they were humans. But did you know that Artificial Intelligence is actually here with us, today? That we as a society and a culture are already embracing Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives, everyday? We no longer live in a world where Artificial Intelligence is just a story in our books, or on the big screen when we go to the movies. But if Artificial Intelligence is already here, what is it really like? How does it work? How does Artificial Intelligence actually compare to the fictional representations of AI in our culture?

About the Author

Ronald van Loon is an Advisory Board Member and Big Data & Analytics course advisor for Simplylearn. He contributes his expertise towards the rapid growth of Simplilearn’s popular Big Data & Analytics category.

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