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What Does The Future Hold For the Companies Developing Mobile Apps


So the world of terminator might not be exactly true in the coming times, but its concept of overuse of technology in all aspects of life is sure to be the nextgen reality. Smartphones and their mobile apps have come a long way from the snake game (the first presumed public app) launched in 1997, to everything now being available on mobile apps including online school, classes, groceries, meetings, etc. We herein analyse trends that mobile app development is headed in the times to come:

1. Artificial Intelligence all the Way:

Artificial Intelligence, its usage and value; especially for mobile apps and businesses, has been rising by the day. It helps in analysing critical user behavior and thus, developing enhanced and user-centric app experiences. The technology is now easily and affordably available through the various cloud services; Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM still being their major providers.

Apart from understanding user behavior this technology also successfully tracks user requirements and expectations, giving businesses a much-needed edge over companies that don’t use this technology. So, if mobile app development companies wish to see and develop products for futuristic companies, Ai needs to regularly feature in their catalogue of specializations.

2. The fifth generation of the internet is already here:

The Generation Z is running towards speed and futuristic technologies are further adding wings to their flight. Speed is an essential factor of how well a mobile app functions amongst the competition of millions of apps already existing in the app stores.Though in its nascent stage and still with a couple of hurdles to overcome, 5g is going to change the shape of things in the mobile world.

Reliance Jio has already started working on the requisite 5g infras… in India. Onset of the 5g internet shall take user expectation of mobile app speed a notch higher, disrupting the technology industry altogether. Future-envisioning mobile app developers apart from the time taken in developing an app, should also be working on setting a framework to inculcate this technology inclusion.

3. 3-dimensional user experience:

Millions of apps are already there on the app stores and thousands are being added every month. So, if mobile app developers wish to develop apps that successfully garner user views, downloads and sales; they would have to include 3-d mobile design trends in their development plans. As,. 3-d is the buzzword nowadays in this field. With the cost of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based products going low, they are the new app formats to attract users in terms of experience and utility.

ARKit, the Apple’s Augmented Reality development kit and Google€™s ARCore offers several utilities and design functionalities that allow apps to integrate 3-dimensional objects to enhance user experience with ease.  They include access to their web studios, a mapping app system and easy to use SDK€™s for hyper-accurate location tracking both on iOS and android platforms.

4. Beacons are the future of the Physical Retail Space:

Renewing and innovating user experiences is what businesses would be focussing on in the coming times. Apart from providing remote experiences, mobile apps would also become intrinsic in providing customized information and content as per user requirements using €˜beacons€™.


These are small bluetooth enabled sensors that transmit particular information and track store visits and overall user in-store experience. For instance, they could easily help businesses track the most busy store hours and the most busy store section. They can also be developed as an out-of-store marketing tool for visitors close to your store that has looked for your kinds of products.

5. iOT:

The concept of the internet of things is gaining momentum by the day and so are its applications. iOT basically signifies an internet-like network of various connected smart gadgets in a particular area. Smart cars, smart televisions, smart watches, smart fans, smart lights to smart home assistants; all feature within the purview of this technology trend.


Reports suggest that 75 billion iOT smart devices in 2020 are touted to increase to a whopping 100 billion by 2030. The industry not only offers immense variety, but innovation and growth scope as well. With concepts like iOT enables smart cities in the pipeline and technologies like AI and 5g aiding its growth; the technology is here to stay both for the current and upcoming years. So if you have an app idea worth developing, you should be looking out to hire app developers who are well versed in these technologies.

Apps will augment almost everything, everywhere

Smartphone usage trends suggest that soon mobile apps will be playing a central role in almost all aspects of human life. From shopping, to medical to sleep; everything will be tracked and controlled by the apps. User-centric interface and experience of mobile apps shall play a tremendous role in the overall success and usability of the apps. As a mobile app development company you should already be working, strategizing and trying to gain hands-on experiences on these technologies. Innovative usage and application of these technologies shall have their worth in gold in the coming times.