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What Are The Challenges Associated With Maintaining Node.js Apps


Node.js is the JavaScript runtime environment that primarily is used to develop cross-platform applications. Have you ever had the need to develop an application that can run smoothly on the different operating systems? The application industry is growing at a faster pace, along with this, the use of smartphones is also accelerating. The need for a Node.js development company is high in-demand.

These days, users are not just occupied with android but the usage of other operating systems is also increasing. Companies aiming to target a wider audience, are looking forward to solutions that can run on different operating systems. A web development agency offers this kind of solution to companies. Here, comes the role of Node.js. Let us dive deeper into it.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source runtime environment that is built on chrome€™s V8 engine. Website development services primarily use it to develop fast and scalable applications. The network application developed using Node.js can run on different operating systems like Linux, macOS, SmartOS, Windows, Android, etc. It was released under MIT license on the 27th of May more than a decade ago. W3Tech says €œNode.js is used by 1.1% of all the websites whose wen servers we know€.

Some of the top companies using Node.js, that is, the best web development framework are medium.com, twitter.com, aliexpress.com, Zillow.com, bbc.com, and so on.

With the help of an apt tech stack and top web development companies, you can develop high-performing applications. But what next? You need to pay equal attention to maintaining the application. Application maintenance is not always an easy and quick process.

Maintenance of Node.js Application

Node.js is a highly popular runtime engine, but sometimes we need to face many challenges to maintain the application. Once, the application is developed by the mobile app development company, it needs regular maintenance and quick fix of bugs. You need to be patient while identifying and fixing bugs.

If you do not care about maintaining the app, in this cutthroat competitive world, there are high chances your application will fall back. This might discourage clients and eventually can impact your reviews. You can reach out to a mobile application development company.

Here are Few Challenges Associated With Maintaining Node.js

Node.js supports building advanced, fast, and scalable applications so it faces slightly different challenges in maintenance. Before you proceed to hire dedicated developers have a look at the challenges here:

1. Scalability Challenges

Node.js offers non-blocking and I/O driven features. Using Node.js it is a bit difficult to develop complex applications so you can hire mobile app developers. But, the application is updating itself from time to time and in the recent update, it has integrated micro services. Now, what is micro services? Micro services is dividing the entire development process into smaller parts or tasks so that each task can be performed individually.

Node.js engine runs single-threaded for app development means it is difficult to parallel execute other code. This means, when one code is running Node.js does not respond to other requests. You can look for mobile app developers for hire. Though this obstacle is taken care of by offering an asynchronous handling feature, which means it doesn’t block requests and can handle multiple requests at a time.

2. Extensive Stack

You should be well-versed with developing js applications, as you are not offered any guideline while writing the code. It sometimes becomes a challenge for developers as they need to implement a unique approach while developing Node.js applications. Here, the experience gets an upper hand, because developers at an android app development company know how to exactly process the thought and write a clean code without the need of any guideline.

3. Poor Documentation

A proper documentation is one of the most crucial steps in developing and deploying the exact vision within the time frame. Poor documentation unnecessarily extends the development time and diverts from the purpose and functionality of app development. Documentation helps developers to connect the main components of the application. Poor documentation induces further challenges and works as an obstacle while deploying a high performing web-application with the help of an iPhone app development company.

4. Technical Debt

Technical debt usually occurs while working with inexperienced developers. js has a huge and active community support, who delivers multiple solutions. But, which solution you exactly should implement heavily depends on your ability to assess. Implementing too many solutions can damage the structure of application development. So, to overcome technical debt challenges, it is crucial to implement a well-tested solution or connect to top mobile app development companies.

Solutions of Node.js Maintenance Challenge

Some solutions we have mentioned along with challenges, and here are more to add in it:

1. Do Code Review

The first thing that you need to do if your app crashes or is not doing well is to review the code or hire dedicated developers. There are higher chances that you will identify the bug in the process. Meanwhile, you can identify whether the issue lies in architecture or flexibility, or anywhere else. To solve the issue, you might need to spend more time and money. So, estimate it beforehand.  

2. Improve The Quality of Code

If you have noticed that the code quality is not up to the mark, then consider improving it. Improve code quality to overcome challenges that pop up while maintenance. You can use any tool like codebeat to analyze the code and get a better perspective. Technical debt can be reduced by going for code optimization or reaching out to full stack development services.

3. Update The Stack

To get the maximum output, you need to keep your runtime environment updated to the latest version or you can hire Nodejs developers. Updating jsis a simple and easier solution to get rid of many challenges. Developers can implement advanced solutions in an updated version. You need to update your out-dated libraries for better results.

Wrapping It Up

Technology is an ever-changing field where now and then innovations are introduced. Node.js is a widely used runtime environment which helps to develop superior and high performing web applications.  But, with every technology, we are blessed with pros as well as cons. Here, we have mentioned challenges associated with maintaining Node.js apps. You can go through a solution to overcome these challenges and have a good review of the application. If you need further help, you can connect to a good Node.js development company.