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What are Digital Twins?

  • Sandeepraut 

Digital Transformation has brought in all the new concepts and technologies at the hands of consumers and businesses alike. Digital Twin is one of them. It is a virtual image of your machine or asset, maintained throughout thelife cycle and easily accessible at any time. It involves internet of things connected devices generating real time data in Big Data platform. This data is further analyzed in the cloud. With a digital twin, machine manufacturers are able to use the power of digitalization to achieve improved efficiency and quality. This approach helps ensure optimized machine design and smooth operation.

Today, machine intelligence and connectivity to the cloud allows a huge potential of digital twin technology for companies in a variety of industries Digital Twin allows the asset operator to predict precisely when maintenance will be required based on the unique conditions, experienced by that particular asset. GE has built a digital wind farm collecting data from turbine sensors, which uses big data and the Industrial Internet to drive down the cost of renewable electricity.

Here are the several advantages of Digital Twin technology:

  • Explore the impact of various design alternatives
  • Do simulations and testing to ensure that product designs will meet requirement
  • Understand how a projected change to a manufacturing process might impact costs or schedule
  • See the current operating status along with any recent alarms and maintenance performed on a machine
  • Be instructed on how to perform proper maintenance procedures, for the specific problem they’re addressing
  • Preventing the failure, or anticipating it and doing the required maintenancebefore failure occurs, can shorten outages

Digital twins give airlines a better idea of what happens when a jet flies through a flock of birds, or through dust storms in hot environments. The digital twin, combined with advanced analytical tools and machine learning, will provide a platform that changes the traditional way of how we look at the analysis of asset’s condition and performance. It will enable a new generation of advanced predictive analytics.