DSC Webinar Series: Accelerate Analytics Projects with Data Prep on AWS

Leveraging the benefits of effective data preparation to help build a modern ERP system is a vital component in innovating an organization's data workflow systems. Complex pattern matching and parsing of unstructured data requires a great deal of time and effort often utilizing labor-intensive hand coding.

Join us for this latest Data Science Central webinar to learn how B/A Products Company has managed to cut 6-12 months process time of reformatting, restructuring and preparing data down to only 2 months through automation and simplification.

In this webinar you will:

• Understand technology trends that simplify your analytics modernization journey
• Learn about the challenges and solutions that B/A Products Company used to solve their issues with legacy ERP systems
• Learn how to accelerate time-to-value for analytics projects with data preparation on AWS
• See in action the before / after with the solution live demo

Jacob S J Joseph, Information Systems Manager - B/A Products Co.
Samantha Winters, Director of Marketing and Business Analytics - B/A Products Co.
Matt Derda, Customer Marketing Manager - Trifacta

Hosted by:
Stephanie Glen, Editorial Director - Data Science Central

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