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Two New Data Science Books

Here is an update from Zacharias Voulgaris, Data Science Author, Video Producer, and Acquisitions Consultant. The message below is from Zacharias.

1. Produced Videos for O’Reilly Safari on Data Science, Programming Languages, and AI

I have a bunch of videos now live on topics including; becoming a data scientist, artificial Intelligence, and which programming languages are best for data science, to name a few. The videos are short but packed with useful information (I hope), and I had a lot of fun doing them. Here’s the link

2. Published Two New Books on Data Science

I’ve had two books published; ‘Julia for Data Science’, and ‘Data Scientist: The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Data Scientist’ .You can buy both on Amazon globally. For more information about the books, visit my publisher page

3. Launched New Website Dedicated to Data Science & AI

I launched FoxyDataScience a few months ago. It’s the place I go into more detail about certain topic areas, so will give you a more in-depth explanation of the concepts I cover in my videos and sometimes even my books. It was voted a top 75 data science blog by FeedSpot, so seems to be hitting the right note so far.

I greatly value your feedback, as well as any suggestions you may have for future blogs, videos or books. Please feel free to send these over once you’ve had a chance to review the above.

Finally, I’d love to hear your latest news. If there’s anything you are working on that may be relevant to me, please do let me know.

I’m always open to exploring new opportunities with my contacts on LinkedIn.

Until then,