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Traveling to Other Planets with Google Maps


Interesting application leveraging very big data, as you can zoom in to check out pretty detailed landscape on a few nearby planets and satellites. It would be even better if it allowed you to simulate space travel. At a speed 32 million times faster than the speed of light, it would take you 4 seconds to reach the closest star (Alpha Centauri): that’s how fast you need to travel to see the stars really moving in the sky. By contrast, space travel at just the speed of light would make stars appear as static as if seen from Earth and Earth was not rotating. So all space travel movies are based on unrealistic assumptions. 

Anyway, you can check the details here. Or start you space exploration here with your browser. This app was released on 2017. Above is how it looks like on my browser (Chrome), as I was visiting Ceres. It uses a lot of memory on your laptop, compared to other websites, even those with streaming videos.