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Top Reasons Why Manufacturing Companies Need DevOps


It is no secret that technology has evolved at a rapid pace and that this fast-paced evolution has brought about intense changes across the world. Today’s manufacturing companies need advanced services to maximize efficiency and productivity. Thanks to technology and innovation, today’s manufacturing industry today has undergone drastic changes. From automation to robotics and software advancements, there are so many ways that led to factories working harder, faster and smarter. These changes have been especially profound in the sector which is inundated with the Internet of Things, AI, mixed reality, big data, and countless other such advanced technologies.

Such tools, collectively, have given rise to what is now known as Industry 4.0. As you can imagine, there is a lot of technology involved and companies need software to leverage these newfound tools at their disposal.

Though, this is where DevOps comes in. It is one of the most popular methodologies for technology companies today that enables organizations to quickly and efficiently create the solutions they need. Together DevOps is increasing productivity by using automation and monitoring to ensure optimal performance levels. This enables the manufacturing industry to get rid of expensive and slow processes while allowing them to keep up with today’s fast-paced, competitive environment.

However, that cannot possibly be the only factor that makes DevOps such an important part of Industry 4.0, right? Right. So, here are some other reasons why manufacturing companies should embrace DevOps in the age of Industry 4.0

  1. Efficiency: A key benefit that DevOps brings to the table for manufacturing companies is a newfound level of efficiency across the board. Such improved levels of efficiencies across the software development process then translate to improved quality and time of response as well as quicker implementation time. This is because DevOps ensures that while the development team tends to the tech requirements, servers, etc., the other relevant teams can be freed up and can focus on other relevant tasks including ones that encompass fundamental IT functions. This distribution ensures tasks are executed in a timely fashion and the software can be deployed ASAP.
  2. Time to market: The manufacturing company is not only highly intense and complex but also quite competitive. Especially since the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the entire world, manufacturing companies have found themselves on the edge of competition, striving to keep up with the market’s quickly changing demands. In such a scenario, DevOps helps companies avoid any delays and ensure the companies can quickly deliver high-quality offerings to their customers — all without compromising on precision, accuracy, or quality of the products involved.
  3. Agility: DevOps empowers companies with the ability to be prepared for changes, i.e. respond to changes within limited periods. Such flexibility is an absolute must for organizations that intend to stay ahead of the curve in today’s highly competitive markets. So what DevOps does is give companies tools and advantages such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, automatic code testing, etc. to make sure that manufacturing companies can set up the tools they need at their facilities without minimal or no loss of time.

DevOps may still be deemed a relatively new concept in the software development ecosystem and yet this new approach has managed to make waves across the global community. As demonstrated via the discussion above, the DevOps tenet of software development, especially in the context of Industry 4.0, seeks to ease the many challenges that plague the sector faces via active collaboration, seamless automation, and streamlined innovation throughout the development lifecycle and beyond. If you too want to put this mighty tool to work to drive your organization’s digital transformation, ideally your next stop should be to start looking for a trusted DevOps services company. Their expertise will go a long way in ensuring the success of your development endeavors.