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Top AI Certification Programs In 2022


AI or Artificial Intelligence is basically a branch of computer science where importance is given to the process of creating intelligent machines so that they are able to think and react like human beings. The process that has been involved in creating intelligent machines supports the process of making a decision that has been fully analyzed, solely based upon the data which has been provided by the business organization. It goes similarly to the way that human beings are able to synthesize information and then reach a suitable decision. However, the only difference, in this case, is that the decision has been reached by analyzing tons of data that has been provided by the organization.

1. Importance of AI Certifications –

AI has been predicted to be the skill of this century –

Not only that but it has also been thought that AI set all set to replace a number of manual jobs that are done by humans. On the other hand, AI has also created more than an astounding 130 million job positions in the major industrial sectors. Hence, in order to grab a job in this group, you must become a part of the transformation, that is made possible by getting an AI certification.  As a matter of fact, recent surveys have shown that AI jobs take up an average of 18 percent of jobs in all the major companies.

AI is everywhere you see –

Most SMEs have personalized their websites with a taste of unusual user experience since that is the number one need of the hour. For instance, when it comes to eCommerce or online customer service, chatbots for customer support have become increasingly popular. It is basically an automated computer program that has been designed to interact and engage the visitors who have visited the website just like a human assistant would do, but it costs almost next to nothing. These chatbots are online 24×7 throughout the globe and are based upon the information that has been provided to the website. Similar to this, all other industries including automobile, security, music, smart home, healthcare, retail, and much more!

2.     The Top 5 AI Certifications in 2022 –

In this list, we shall share with you the top AI Certification courses that are definitely going to give a boost to your career prospects! 

1. IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate (Coursera) –

In this AI certification course from IBM, you shall start by getting a key understanding of AI along with its use cases as well as applications. It shall also explain to you the basic terms such as machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning. You will further learn how to design AI chatbots and virtual assistants without the need for any programming language, and then apply them on websites. You will learn how to build solutions that have been powered by AI and makes use of Python, AI services, APIs, but with the need of minimal coding.

2.  Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Programs (Udacity) –

One of the best ai certifications, this program from Udacity provides you with course materials that are not only well structured but also have an overall good quality. The projects are very interesting to work upon and are quite demanding so that you get a full grasp of the subject. A great set of expert instructors along with Peter Norvig gives you a great explanation of the whole process and gives you practical exposure as well. Not only that, but a reviewer and technical support team provide you with valuable suggestions and assistance in order to improve your projects in a way that your portfolio becomes even more valuable.

3.  USAII Certifications (www.usaii.org) –

USAII, the short form for The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute has made it their goal to meet the demands that exist globally in terms of the workforce shortage and the AI skill gap. It has also taken the responsibility to develop the right skill, talent, abilities, and potential so that there is an availability of a highly qualified and efficient workforce in the AI sector. USAII also takes a test on all their candidate in order to validate all their capabilities in every possible way, before they provide the candidate with their prestigious AI certificate.

4.  MicroMasters Program in Artificial Intelligence by Columbia University (edX) –

The MicroMasters Program in Artificial Intelligence provided by Columbia University gives you expertise in one of the most exciting as well as fastest growing sectors in the area of computer science. This program not only gives its candidates a rigorous and advanced understanding of the whole AI learning process but the professional graduate-level course is a must for every individual in order to get an understanding in the sectors of artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, animation, and CGI motion.

5. Machine Learning by Stanford University (Coursera) –

The science of getting computers to perform tasks without the need for explicit programming is called machine learning. In this course, you will be able to learn about the machine learning techniques that are the most effective, gain practice on this matter, and eventually be able to implement them and get them to work all by yourself. Not only does this course provide you with theoretical knowledge of the subject, but you will also get a practical knowledge of what is needed to quickly as well as powerfully put these applications to use in order to find a solution to all problems. As in addition, you will also learn about the best practices of Silicon Valley in terms of innovation since they pertain to bot machine learning and AI.

Final Words

While you have already learned about the reasons why you must consider learning and the top courses from where you can get an AI certification, to make the most out of them your AI learning must be done cross-platform, keeping in mind your end career goal. Not only that, but your AI certification must also complement your current career or education prospects.

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