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Today I uploaded to github the first version of my book "Bayesuvius" about Bayesian Networks

vesuvius-from-pompei View of Mount Vesuvius form Pompeii

In the last week, I started a new book on classical (not quantum) Bayesian Networks. Today, I uploaded the first installment to github. Here is its github repo. Here is the pdf for the book. Let me quote the current Foreword.

Welcome to Bayesuvius! a proto-book uploaded to github.

A different Bayesian network is discussed in each chapter. Each chapter title is the name of a B net. Chapter titles are in alphabetical order.

This is a volcano in its early stages. First version uploaded to a github repo called Bayesuvius on June 24, 2020. First version only covers 2 B nets (Linear Regression and GAN). I will add more chapters periodically. Remember, this is a moonlighting effort so I can’t do it all at once.

For any questions about notation, please go to Notational Conventions section.

Requests and advice are welcomed.

Thanks for reading this.
Robert R. Tucci