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The virus that kills: #coronavirus

4239447653Looking through the data available on the internet, reading news and listening to the last outcomes of the new coronavirus outbreak, decided to go moreover about this virulent impact on our society as a whole.

The first outcome has been registered on the 20th of January, following the WHO website statistical information, and the evolution has been very impressive and still not eventually ending until Today 2nd of March 2020.

Briefly, without going much further on the significance of the impact of this virus and the effective consequences on our Economy, together with restriction in measures by the Governments for virus spread containing reasons; I would stop for a minute and go a bit inside the numbers.

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation

The virus that kills: #coronavirus

First reported case of recognise Covid-19 infection in China, Hubei, and others important locations such as Beijing and Shanghai, as long as Japan and Republic of Korea, all Countries from Western Pacific Region plus Thailand which is part of South-East Asia Region.

282 confirmed infections and 6 deaths

Since this first highlight of danger for a novel Coronavirus causing deadly pneumonia to some of the infected ones, the escalation of the virus spread fast even on the rest of the World.

The virus that kills: #coronavirus

The Covid-19 desease is caused by the kind of coronavirus which requires 9 to 14 days incubation period before spreading as pneumonia, leveraging from 40% to 50% the danger of death caused by excessive progression of the illness ( dyspnea, respiratory rate more than 30 bpm, hypoxemia, chest X-ray with multi-lobar infiltrates or pulmonary infiltration progressed more than 50% within 24 – 48 hours).

Critical condition of respiratory failure, septic shock, other organ failure which requires Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admission require hospital care equipments by fast increasing number of patients and potentially not meeting numbers.

The virus that kills: #coronavirus

% of deaths have been calculated on the numbers of infected in same area and set by the percentage of the total to make standing out the impact of the infection and its consequences if affected by sided life-concerning illness. The trend-line linked to moving average resolve the increase in numbers of infections and design a clear rising trend adapting to the new novel coronavirus discovery test. The evidence in number decrease, at the end of the current trend is due by the decrease in number of tested people resulted infected, the novel virus has not human historical trend-lines to match for forecasting possibile outcomes.

The virus that kills: #coronavirus

Effective probability of death is considered as percentage of the total to identify the trends of new numbers of deaths which clearly appear to rise in line with the spread of the infection, new discovered daily cases.

As today 3th of March, 90.870 Globally confirmed cases of infections of which 1.922 are new. Only in China 80.304 cases confirmed and 130 as new, 2.946 deaths of which 31 new since the start of this virulent attack has been discovered. Outside of China 10.566 confirmed infections and 1792 new cases in 72 countries of which 8 are new and 166 deaths of which 37 new.

92.818 confirmed infections and 3.159 deaths

Sources are always updating at https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bd…

in the hope that this epidemic disease will be finally contained xxx