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The Benefits Of Artificial intelligence Technology In Any Industry

  • JasonCamaya 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been invented as a blessing for the market of many sectors. Businesses are adopting this technology to reduce operational costs, increase productivity, enhance the quality of work, etc. By automating processes with AI you can grow your business exponentially. Moreover, you can also avoid possible human errors from the entire process. 

If we talk about the benefits of AI technology in the market, there are many. However, AI is still in the developing stage. With time, its area of applications is increasing. While a few years back, AI was only capable of solving mathematical equations, modern AI is capable of handling the entire manufacturing process on its own. 

Benefits Of AI Technology In Various Industries

Businesses are using AI to manufacture products, for quality control, to streamline workflows, etc. In this article, I will mention a few of the benefits Artificial Intelligence is providing in various fields. However, what I am going to mention here is still not enough to describe all of AI’s advantages in any industry. Also, as time is moving, these benefits will keep increasing.

  • Improved HealthCare Services

With the help of AI, the healthcare industry has achieved a lot of success in detecting many diseases. Currently, the healthcare industry is using AI in various devices like fitness bands, smartphone health apps, smartwatches, etc. 

Benefits of the AI technology in the healthcare industry

  • AI can monitor patients pulse rates and other symptoms to predict any possible disease to save the patient;
  • It can automate big data generation, monitoring, and handling;
  • AI tech can help the healthcare sector in reducing up to 30% cost by automating the administrative and document related works;
  • As the healthcare industry plays a crucial role in protecting people’s lives, AI can enhance the chances of the same by reducing any possible human errors;
  • AI can keep a keen eye on healthcare devices and equipment to avoid any sudden malfunctions.
  • Enhanced Customer Service Quality

AI tech has played a crucial role in the CS industry. With the help of techniques such as chatbots, virtual assistants, customers do not have to wait in a long queue to resolve their queries anymore. Even the basic form of AI is capable of solving basic customer queries on its own.

Benefits of using AI technology in the customer service industry

  • AI helps in reducing the burden of customer service executives by resolving basic queries on its own;
  • It enhances customer experience as it’s fast and more reliable in terms of the information;
  • AI saves training and staffing cost of the business;
  • Moreover, AI’s emotions can be programmed. Therefore, it will remain polite without getting offended because of angry customers;
  • AI can offer more personalized communication compared to humans in many cases;
  • AI can increase the productivity of the customer service industry.
  • Improved CyberSecurity quality

Cybersecurity and AI can go along for a long period. Currently, with the help of AI Cybersecurity has improved. It enables monitoring and analyzing bulk data in a short time. Moreover, AI can also detect anomalies and terminate them.

With the help of AI technology, it is easier to identify weak points that might cause a cybersecurity threat in the future. AI is also capable of learning, therefore, with time, it can prepare itself to fight against new or improving threats.

Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence for CyberSecurity needs

  • AI can analyze bulk data quickly and terminate any possible threat on its own;
  • It can monitor system health on its own to identify any abnormalities in the hardware or software;
  • AI can filter spam emails or possible phishing attacks on its own;
  • Moreover, it is capable of learning over time and fighting against the latest cyber-attacks;
  • AI can observe and find the best solution to terminate the cyber attack without human interruption;
  • In case of unknown threats, it can quickly generate detailed reports including the behavior of the threat and relatable solutions.
  • AI in Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has been using some of the major advantages of Artificial Intelligence and its growth. The industry is using AI to develop new technologies like driverless vehicles. Moreover, AI is also helping the automotive industry in reducing the number of accidents and improving transportation facilities.

TechGuru Elon Musk has shown his love for AI multiple times. Moreover, Tesla is working tirelessly to improve the quality of autopilot vehicles and improve their capability. 

Benefits of AI technology in the Automotive industry 

  • AI is helping the automotive industry in building advanced autopilot vehicles;
  • The navigation system is improved and able to understand voice commands better with the help of the AI technology;
  • AI can also help collect data through vehicles or traffic monitoring systems for events such as speeding, accidents, wrong overtakes, etc;
  • With the help of AI embedding in vehicles, drivers can control devices like speakers, light, smartphones, maps, radios, etc, without even touching them in the car;
  • The in-built AI-supported virtual assistant can provide tips and reminders for improved and safe driving.
  • AI in-app market

The app market is one of the top industries using AI for various purposes. Among all purposes, AI is being used for the personalization of the app experience. As a business owner, If you make a plan to hire app developer who is an expert in the industry, he will surely suggest that you should use AI concepts and build an app accordingly. 

Benefits of AI technology in the App Market

  • AI-supported mobile applications enhance customer satisfaction by personalizing the UI and UX for them;
  • Chatbots using AI are faster in solving basic customer inquiries;
  • Artificial Intelligence can improve search quality. In other words, AI can decide and show related answers along with the main one to provide customer resolutions faster in comparison;
  • AI can also help in providing a personalized advertising experience to its users;
  • For fitness and health apps, AI can monitor and predict any possible health issues;
  • AI can be used to enhance the Gaming experience. Many games like Chess, UNO, etc are using AI to make game characters smarter and the gaming experience more challenging.
  • AI in the Blockchain Industry

Currently, as we know that the invention of blockchain is transforming businesses. It has enabled enhanced security and the usage of virtual currencies. However, with AI technology, the Blockchain industry can enjoy more advantages. AI can result in enhanced cybersecurity protocols in the blockchain industry. Moreover, app developers can use AI in building smarter blockchain applications.

Benefits of the AI technology in the Blockchain industry

  • AI can be used to forecast cryptocurrency trading events with higher accuracy;
  • With the implementation of the AI, blockchain industry can implement improved cybersecurity network;
  • AI combined with IoT and blockchain can make devices smarter and more efficient;
  • Moreover, AI can be used to collect data and store it securely on the cloud;
  • AI is capable of detecting any kind of anomalies or data failures in the blockchain network;
  • Securing data mining system.
  • AI in the E-gaming industry

AI has improved the gaming experience on a huge scale. Now, game characters are smarter and games are more challenging due to the same. For example, games like Alien: Isolation are using AI to make the game scarier and creatures smarter. These creatures are smart enough to trick you according to your gameplay patterns.

Benefits of the AI in the E-gaming industry

  • AI can make game characters smarter and more efficient;
  • AI industry is being used to enhance AR and VR gaming experience;
  • Gamers prefer trickier and challenging games more than games with the same patterns;
  • AI can learn the gameplay pattern of the gamer and make games more challenging accordingly;
  • It is capable of giving Non-Player Characters (NPCs) their lifestyle and stories to make the gaming experience more realistic. For example, games like Red Dead Redemption 2 have NPCs with a lifestyle assigned to them by the AI.

Final Thoughts

AI is capable of improving various sectors. Currently, many IT-based on demand business are using AI technology to grow in the market. Major industries using AI technology are gaming and entertainment, retail sector, customer services, etc. The ultimate goal of every industry is to enhance the experience of their customers. Moreover, AI has also boosted the chance of growth and survival of businesses.

Now when many developers and tech gurus are working tirelessly to improve the AI experience, it is not far when AI technology will be used for more advanced services like autopilot vehicles, wealth management, operational activities, etc. However, AI is turning everything into automation. Even though the quality of services will increase, it will still not have the human touch.

Possibly, with time, AI will be able to learn emotions as well. Therefore, it will improve the personalization of the user experience. In this article, we have only covered 7 major industries using the benefits of AI technology. However, there are other sectors like Defense, manufacturing, bionic organs, etc, which are increasing the applications of AI technology. 

In the end, I hope that with time, AI will keep improving and we will have many more advantages compared to what we have right now.

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Jason Camaya loves carrying his camera wherever he goes. When he doesn’t click pictures, Jason loves to write, play video games, and procrastinate. He has been writing for the technology vertical for quite sometime now, and as talented as he gets, he is giving tough competition to his fellow writers. He has been featured in many websites and blogs.

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