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The 2019 Guide to Conquer Data Breaching

How secure is your data?

What measures do you take to hide your confidential data?

Can you confidently say that data breaching stands nowhere close to your security?

Data breaching is not new and neither will it disappear.

As technology rises with new developments, hackers are studying the tools closely to understand how they can grasp your sensitive information?

In 2019, one of the articles stated, ‘’61% of IT professionals have experienced a serious data breach’’. Imagine when the experts get hit with such a crucial issue, do you believe that your current security measures can tackle the exceptionally wise hackers?

Data breaches are happening, even when you are reading at this very minute. It’s time for you to address the problems which could impact your business and how you can create a solution to resolve them.

Let’s dive straight into the issue.

What is data breaching?

Data breaching takes place when hackers discover a small error from your side. They take that error as an advantage and break through the error and steal your data.

The reason why data gets breached is that hackers want to collect information which they can use for their benefits.

For instance, if they receive the contact details of your leads, they can do so much with it such as act like they are from your company and get paid without you knowing or they could sell your lead information to your competitors and so much more.

Data is an asset for any business. From storing crucial information about your business to cater to all your lead information, your brand growth depends on how you utilize that data to become successful.

Now imagine when that data gets taken away from you?

Not only will you be in loss, but your brand could also fall from the success ladder in a click.

Data breaching has been experienced by so many industries, from business organizations to the educationals sector as well as banking, data breaching has caused havoc in many industries all because data has been stolen.

There are many reasons why data breach takes place. One common and essential fact is technological development. Despite technology growing exceptionally well, what measures are you taking to secure your data?

Some reasons for a data breach are evident but we fail to see them. 

What are they?

Let’s find out.

Why data breach keeps happening?

Data breaching happens because of one tiny error. Hackers don’t just get into any random system. They will investigate everything about your company and find out the weakest sector in it. 

For instance, if you have employees who don’t verify any work emails being sent to them, hackers can use this as an opportunity to pull them in the name of your company.

Apart from this, there are other factors which will give you clarity on the problem:

  • Outdated and non-updated issues

 Here is the main issue. How often do you update your business software and tools? If you are not doing it regularly, chances are you are inviting hackers to easily enter into your system. The whole point of an update is that your security is raising.

  • No investment in any data breaching programs

After understanding the news being surrounded about data breaches and cyber attacks, it would be foolish if you haven’t yet invested in a security program. These programs were curated to keep your data safe and free from any sort of threats. If you don’t have it, you just made your hackers work easy.

  • Human errors

  ‘’27% of data breaches are caused by human error’’. This means that unknowingly you and your team might have contributed towards helping the hackers indirectly. Have you left confidential information on the loose even for a second? Apart from you, does anyone else have your passwords? Is your password strong enough? Have you rechecked whether your data is safe or not? All these questions impact human error which is another cause for hackers to enter into your system.

  •  Not cleaning up devices

Yes you heard that right. Cleaning up devices mean, have you ever saved important information, sent it to the concerned person and forgot to delete it? Crucial information is only for particular users and if you have left it on your desktop, you have created an error again. At times many devices get lost or are being used by so many individuals, keeping such confidential data in the open isn’t a great sign.

  •  Unknowingly inviting virus activities

This is the most common. A virus can enter your system with even one mistake. Have you ever clicked on a link you by mistake and discovered that you just welcomed a virus attack on your device? It happens to many, which is exactly why you need to first see whether the link is secured or not. Your one mistake allowed a hacker to retrieve all the data in your device.

  • Not matching up with technological changes

Yes, technology is growing but are you keeping up? What are you doing to match the new technology emerging? When you stay behind on technology, you also stay behind on the good factors that can secure your business online. As mentioned in the first point. If you don’t upgrade, your hackers will.

  •  Weak passwords

If your password is your name or your favourite series, you might have a problem. When you create weaker passwords such as the obvious ones like your phone number or your name or even your favourite colour, it becomes easy to guess and even easier to breakthrough. 

Are you doing this mistake with your brand? 

With just one delay of updates or even a minute mistake of not changing your passwords, hackers today have grown in numbers. 

It’s time to be smart and make the corrections as soon as you can.

Follow the tips in our next category to ensure that your business is safeguarded from this threat.

What can you do to avoid data breaches?

Since you have a clear understanding of what causes data breaches, the below precautions will help you take the necessary actions required:

Let’s dive straight into it:

  • Be Updated

 Always keep your software and tools you use in your business up to date. Conduct regular upgrades and ensure that this is maintained always.

  • Invest in a good and reliable data breaching program

Ensure that the program is excellent in protecting your data as well as alerts you when any threats are coming your way. When this action is conducted, you will be able to be prepared and take the necessary actions accordingly.

  • Educate your team

Have a monthly or weekly meeting where you communicate with your team about the dangers of data breaches and how they can prevent them. As mentioned above, human error is considered as one of the main problems. Educate your team on how they should treat confidential information and how cautious they should be while managing them.

  • Strong password

Refrain from using easy and short passwords. Use tough keywords such as the alphabet, numbers, symbols that could make it complicated for hackers to access. Eliminate common passwords such as names, address, contact details, and other easy words. The tougher you generate your passwords, the tougher it gets to crack it.

  • Click secure links

 If you see a link that shows as https, it is understood that it is from a secured site (the clue is the ‘s’). Many hackers enter easily in your systems with such fake sites which will only bring the virus to and corrupt your systems. Keep track of the links you view and click on.

  • Stay away from Phishing emails

These are the most common emails. They will trigger you as if you will benefit from it, but the reality is that it is an email sent by the hacker. If you find any suspicious emails being sent to you, either you ignore it or get verified.

  •  Conduct regular checkups

 Hackers wait for one opportunity which will get them into your system. Conduct regular checkups to ensure that all your data is being saved in a secure place. Keep track of all the places where there is a chance that hackers can get in and immediately take measures to block it. Your one regular effort can save your data from the wrong eyes.

What do you think?

Data breaching will remain and with the coming years, it will grow even bigger.

Being in the business world and dealing with so much information in hand, ensure that you are managing and organizing all your data with the right measures. 

The purpose of this article is to help you in solving this critical issue. Understanding that the technology market will continue to grow, it is essential that you are well equipped with all the safety security measures that may help you conquer what the hackers have in store.

Always remember to be alert for any suspicious activity and keep a closer check on your data at all times.

Data breaching can reduce when businesses like yours start becoming more cautious.

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