The #10yearschallenge: What are the #datascience opportunities?

Massive unstructured and semi-structured data, in the form of images and texts, are being shared on #socialmedia platforms at unprecedented rates in the last few days?

Potential questions that should be on the minds of AI or #machinelearning initiates are: what research opportunities can be unlocked from these data?; what commercial or business values are derivable from committing to creating #AI – centric products and services from these opportunities? Aren’t there beneficial socioeconomic values in these?

These questions naturally excite me as I algorithmically try to identify valuable insights – yes, I mean valuable insights – from these data.

The current maturity of #CNN (of course not the Cable News Network – no pun intended), #RNN or #deeplearning as a whole should suffice to identify and create products or services that could be commercialised for the ultimate economic and financial benefits of the general society.

Are you asking for potential products and services from the trending #10yearschallenge? I am working on them and if you care to collaborate so that we both share the pains and gains while focusing on fast release to the markets, please freely reach out to me.

Michael Akinwumi, PhD